Daily Archives: December 29, 2017


A LITTLE bite of love
upon life’s silver tray
that we took; believing
luck as life — a beautiful

:: 12-28-2017 ::


IF. that you may hear me
and my feelings
morphed into scribbling
dying, weak words
as the fading light behind
evening clouds.

The necklace, called love
around our suffocating
necks as blue grapes.

And today i watched a
blue jay from across
a lifetime fly away.

Like wishes, memories
and lies; they are equally
yours and mine.

Like watching paint dry
upon a damp wall.
We both too blame for this
cruel sport called Love.

And so many intimately
who knew our dance;
left after the music


And now i wish to wish
a restart but not within
this skin or life.

The next reincarnation.

:: 12-28-2017 ::


IF heart could encompass
The entire love of life
By sight, smell and mouth,
An attack of Heart and Soul

Is the fabric of being human too;
and the compass confused!

:: 12-28-2017 ::


A POET’S life is fraught with many obstacles
To experience our full emotions detaches us
from the rest — while inspecting the focus
of our obsessions.

We tend to love coffee, cigarettes, love,
and drama to fuel our Soul and art, art
art! We fumble across our feelings,
twist and tie our hearted-hands.

And the world seems against us all!

The world we love and respect by all
our means!

But, there is one essence of our being:

we are nature’s very creature!
the unspeakable ray of light to open
a tulip’s budding leaf
the silent wave crashing against
the inside plate of white bone
that discovers something new.

This disease is a lovely thing
that eats all my corruptible
physical being. And I adore this Nature!

:: 12-28-2017 ::


AND WHEN i dream
the world is more
alive than now
while i’m awake.

That i have dreamed
then i have lived
more than this
waking concept of ‘life.’

AND once i dreamed of
the source of all,
beyond my head
beyond my bed!

Soft, lit, travel-worn,
cognizant and bewildered
by all accounts: unborn
was & is my dreaming.

AND to dream is leaving
behind this world and
its flesh!
To return: weeping is.

Beware: to fall in love
with this other side
is to lose a part of one
the line erased by passion.

And those you love.

:: 12-28-2017 ::