wings of glory

i have read the /\
and around the madness this

/come comes came the literary
–> literal wisdom of Ages___soon
to be BORN. i shall never dress
my head with butter but with sunLit
grace of the Great Thing. That who
ever made my tongue so sharp__family
or the gift of lit chrome Souls.
I know nothing between the inferior
thoughts of humans & science. I am
no thing you see of me: this skin of
chemistry and biological folly — that may
burn my skin and hunt my mind______do not
drink the ancestors of those of Mighty Race!

I have entered the true kingdom of “the Dead
within my stomach!” As when the moment pitches
hunger and as God is my Strength! I have devotion
for the weak and treaded lives. I am as far gone
as their life who once flowed through work — now
adrift above the common sense of adulation.
That i die in Hell of tormented affection i bleed
upon the noble ambition of my baptism of Life.
what is this judgment of perfection? The stones
within the Lake of Horror of my stupidity___ you
if strong come — otherwise keep your distance!
No faith in history no jealous pity from other
poets. I am no longer of this world. Hell! Within your
ecstasy close your deformed eyes and the cruelty of humanity
you feed my brain — paint your future popular paintings
and write your operas and unpopular poetry! Rudiments
of Madness and your invented words and colors!

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