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EVIL behind our back as a reflection
counting space and passion, a written
prose so sad — it’s a sad world;
when a man breaks a woman because
he can — where a face full of owls
glide the winds to touch your dry

Benediction and mermaid breasts
consequences across your cross
and face — to raise your hands
with love for a word spoken in
fitful nightmare dreams.

No newspaper on the front porch
no milk bottles at 5 am today
i expected suffering for only
myself and my handwritten eyes
oh, no one knew anything

but my criminal spirit
and women who cried to the moon
and drank the voice of blood
and evil deeds of lust and flesh
as frogs croaking and serving roots

nothing to lose and no begging
her eyelids fluttered and floated
to meet disunity and a single finger
waving — BURST in the AIR and give
hell to pay //obligations and death
meet in the middle.

:: 08.22.2020 ::


within walls so /\ HIGH
i whisper good wishes to only you
| a raging storm and sleight of hand
— and i wait with you | without you
i sing, ‘what you give is yourself
away’ /
so give so give yourself away

:: 07,.1`6;]2020 ::


manipulate my brain damage my connection

i’m your lonely patient like burning liars in

a blanket of ash

so perturbed by my mind you remove

parts of my heart-brain and the voices stop

and i’m so comforted by my loss, of mind;

and i’m so relieved

by the loss of my life;

it creates a circular lesion within my brain

:: — 08-05-2016 — Rev: 11-01-2016 ::


When we say, “save yourself”
we kiss knowing too well
like when the skies are dark
there’s a sun above
What makes us happy is
when we see rain
and dark clouds
There’s a heart inside
the locked soul of life
And we are so happy
so like when the world fades away
as our fingers fill the
space between the need
of love and I really love
how you rock and roll me
and punk my soul oh dear
Your hair is the color of
night and your eyes the sun
And between the thoughts
a sweet peach upon a branch
that I want to taste if it
makes you happy

:: 06-27-2015 ::