Into the Forever


EYES tongue speak a reality
seeing and speaking objects & words,
And, when sleeping within the valley
of Life, you feel;
how the curvature of the world
encases your flesh, nubile and ripe
with all blood;
i communicate with spirit, rising
as the Soul; a woman who died
many previous life’s to be born a man;
all within rimbaud’s eyes lost under blue
how it all grows.


How the days of youthful living were so
atrocious but we now remember fine
for wanton satyrs and beastly fauns,
as one wrangles myth the other science
of both mind and universal growth;
the long lost days wish to find me
when trees received their green
and women their breasts.

As when the ground sprang its water
and Noah closed the doors of the ark
the last man and woman called to no one
as the world sapped its flow.


Insanity! For now there is one who
says, “I know everything.” And some:
‘we believe you, we believe you!’
Many run from the wars of man —
they are the invisible.
Rising roses from the salty oceans
from a vast brightness of blue
waves — are the coming righteous ones.


From the most concerning CERN they
wish for lost time to return!
–the ancient Ones of reknown men.
In perfect storms not even God
remembers. White coats with goggles
revives them; free from humanity’s


And the skies came down
the sun when up
and the night rolled down
humans looked skyward —
searching skies!

:: 12.08.2020 ::

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