Today was Hot

TODAY was so hot ~~ the sun kissed the surface of Earth.

Today i’m fine i have no hair left but inside my soul
i find i am fine / today i ate a mars bar and it made me happy
/because i like brown skin \ and in my head i’m so ugly /
okay ~~ Sunday morning with church light candles I find God.

I’m so lonely / dye my new hair \ i am excited i am
and i don’t care because my soul is pure ||

Oh heck hey kick the bucket full of agony ~~~

I like how i feel so hurt i feel you’re not coming back

i loved how the clouds are so pareidolia showing scenes
within the blue skies of my life : i’m so complete because
i am ugly and broken eyes still see fractured life
like our days when i found God.

i don’t care because i fck myself. i don’t care because i fck you.
i don’t care because i am you.

How i like it that i’m not coming back and love how i killed
the spirit of what i miss in you and love you but never coming
back ______> i drank love from a fountain of Life
and in my ugly head sunday morning’s are all i care because in
my ;last days i found God.

:: 06.23.2022 ::

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