Daily Archives: December 3, 2022

Dreams and Waking Thoughts

WITHIN a dream one dreamed or was the dreamer awake?

Dreamed the dreamer:  

  ” In the Beginning God made
the Land then he made water
and creatures /some with hate\
like something life knows____
   So upon a fine morning, in a
land of decent souls, one gorgeous
man and beautiful woman revealed
 the Greatest of All Mysteries!
    Then God erased
 the memory of why and what.
     Leaving only pain.
   Like strict parents.

:: 12.03.2022 ::

Life Within a Dream

WHEN i rise up early
in the morning
i awaken my mind
& try to lift my head_

While in the middle of a dream
a voice whispers, ‘stay in bed’
but my heart tells me, ‘i’m always

i see Jerboa sprinting

Walls of Jericho falling

over loyal dominion

Springs falling upward
into the eye of our sun

WHEN i sleep every night
all things come alive
in their perfection

 It was only in a blissful thought, 

it was only in an argument making headlines
when the ghost called famished and grew lean
and would not make a sound ~~~ is the Mind.

:: 12.02.2022 ::


SUCH graceful beauty my love! That even rain falls back
unto that tearful sky and pulls both heart and sun
from behind sullen clouds of life!

There are no words I confess which explains this longing;
it draws upon the oceans, my love more vastly devouring feelings
that whales swim within my longing and desire to be with you my lover!

But have i yet to kiss you and allow bravery and inner strength
be enough to provide until our first embrace!

I love how you touch my heart even though I have yet to met you!

:: 04-06-2014 ::
Rev: 03-29-2018


Walk with me my love
and speak to me
in our language
discovered by chance
a hidden Kingdom
with keys that hearts
keep within a secret.

:: 04-06-2014 ::

Love Is a Hungry Language

AND when i speak it is where love is
in a faint hush breath upon a rosy cheek
and also deeply within the chamber of my heart’s
pallor that succeeds it.

AND there — I do know love’s language which is
that hungry heart within the eyes that resembles life!

And within my quivering skin I see love touch my hands
a thrilling trembling vision!

Love nests itself within the wild woods of human
minds || the glance of lightning deep soulful stillness
until the keen delight of a convulsive rapture kiss is


Fear Do Not Lock Me Up Inside

Fear do not lock me up inside
allow my Spirit to roam Life
Resonating by gardens green
your voice chasing me
captivating energy of living
if i am dreaming i am losing
all of my precious sanity
losing my sight
losing my mind
like losing time
like a nail remains faithful
to its first board
a framed picture does time
inside our curious minds
Fear do not embrace my head
at least not while i close
my eyes /like when a face
hides its feelings–like
deep within our skin

:: 12.02.2022 ::

Last Chance Last Wish

So we were surrounded
by broken sounds of decayed
days. Few words never spoken
but those we hid so we could
walk away____but when you think
back to when we first me, are
you sad? And all we’ve been
through does it make you cry?
So broken you can’t even
walk away but when you think back
to when we first met are you sad
and all we’ve been through makes
me cry — and all the love shed
to become … THIS.

And the way we are ~ so lost.
And if we’re done then you are
so far away. We’re lost.

:: 12.02.2022 ::