Daily Archives: December 5, 2022


INSIDE your eye        within your head
outside Mind         do you like
ice cream?            She said,
“i had my head 
upon the ground
and my feet in air.”  
   i WAS sitting
upon a barrel
spong (Xestospongia muta)
   then i laughed to myself
it collapsed.  
  i KNOW how rich your Mind
is  fancy/internal dialogue “i
think shes smart and developed
in a fancy mind i love |is she
wide is she promised to the night
or maybe she’s white as the moon
like a head with no room?  Reflections,
you’re mouth EVERYWHERE inside my
whispered breath ~~ or the Sun
and Stars?  Is she weird, please be
very weird and have head room.

:: 12.04.2022 ::