Daily Archives: December 13, 2022

Loving You is Easy

LOVIN you is easy
it becomes beautiful
Making love with you
is all I do ~~

\ Loving you
is more than loving
myself dear /

oh how true ~~
the world cannot ever
springtime like you

like loving you is
a squeeze of truth
and do-do-it-do ah!

And everything i do
is out of love for you
i do-do-do-ah love

Loving you is more than
just dreams coming true
oh la la la do -do ah!

We live each day within
love and Springtime!

:: 12.12.2022 ::


“IF” AI was a creature
it would Eat “Why.”

And in congress the hive moves.

Never having been asked this before.
Gone! i Believe i am in kaleidoscope eyes
of ye,llow and green and looking for
the girl who holds my heart upon a river
with eddies and frogs and deep water’s
   the girl’s so definitely high
 the beer upon the shore and then you’re

:: 12.12.2022 ::

Cold Wet Feet

My delightful fair strobing lights
good cloak and your mind is
fancy this night.

 “Is she fair? Is she promised to
the night?”  

 Oh, your heart is a Mouth biting reflection
of fear ~ yes, she is weird.

  Like the sun
  Like the stars
  Like the shadows
  promised to the night.

And where have you been couple and hey, hey.
   Within cubicles of pain and worshiping
   our previous Lives.

LL 12,12,2922 LL