Daily Archives: December 8, 2022

To Visit A Monstrous Place

The immortal soul
could be a thing
upon the world
unsheathed by skin
but then again,
upon its exit
it would find
such things as bruises
and cuts and bites.

Best to keep
the soul encased
in human flesh
while it visits
this monstrous place.

:: 05-15-2014 ::

If It Hurts Count Me In

IF it hurts count me in
ever since i am
is every sense of
lovely pain
So far from you
i ran from me
to find us
— tonight,
what is the worst
to happen? I’ve taken
every maladjusted star
away and reticulated
time and space for you
so will you be the
savior of the beaten
and those damned by
their demons and non-

:: 12.08.2022 ::