Daily Archives: December 18, 2022

About Love

My heart flutters ~ by thought
and while sight of you
how i hear raging rivers,
their waters cool me.

While watching morning pink skies
there! A dove’s wings fluttering
or maybe my heart?

All in air today.

Love, love is love. Love, how love
loves. Today is a forever of
bright tomorrows! How hugs melt
strongest hate and how I adore you.
Always and Forever.

:: 12.18.2022 ::

An Angry Common Thing

IS beauty by my needing heart?
when my soul sang, ‘the universe
gave me the love i should adore’

Silently by my yearling love
i saw you and by unslow
more who and here
unto their unknown
leaving perfectly undo
leaving no thing perfectly
dressed i might adore
but her voice sings to me
and i am the angry common
thing of love.

:: 11222015 ::


Whose pieces are these
that twinkle in dead?
whose heart can beat
without love or blood?

i am the pieces here
that twinkle in truth!
whose heart still lives
without love or blood!

Where darkness comforts
the broken moments of
golden wishes that flew
and crashed into ground

the saddest stories
are always and forever
of lost and love.

:: 12.18.2022 ::

Love Languages

the language of

love is by

tongue if

not by deed

— :: —


The Family Cherry Stoner


i have allowed the world
to rape me with its eyes
and with thoughts they have
stabbed me through.

be kind be grateful

i have heard these voices pray
a shattered-like brown preserving
jar broken too;
a squashing pressure perturbing
my heart ~ a *Family Cherry Stoner
making six goblets redder than life
a condiment bottle for my tears
a broken doll upon crutches
fixing it’s wooden puzzles

And my bed, the gathering basket
upon the bread which lay my Soul;
and there i go! Falling upward
and begging so!

a family cherry stoner.

:: 05-29-2017 ::

*(Circa 1880-1900: advertised as “The Family Cherry Stoner,” the cherry pitter–intended to remove the stone without squashing the fruit was a popular kitchen item).