Daily Archives: December 29, 2022

Eating Lust

INKY was a word i swore i never would never
compromise i cleaned my eyes
and watched how inky threw her clothes off
Twin towers oh no mercy twirling
them ~ ah ooh /we had a fun time \
And tomorrow was fine
picking up her bra
and panties we went
into the forest and ate nature into the ground.
Thunder. Thunder. There was gold. In the dirt where
we held our knees in the ground.
And we knew there was no going
back — throw me a pass: we
were fucking in the green.
Yeah, in nature.
Eating dirt ~~ shaking at knees
God made us what we are —
thunder struck — holding flesh
and spit and screams.
Watching flesh swing
watching it at my knees.
Eating lust.


:: 12.28.2022 ::