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THAT I have tried and succeeded is only in great measure

That you have been there with all my fears and displeasure.

Holding my cramped heart and swollen hands is how you have

Saved both my mind and spirit – the soul; still intact down

By the emptying rivers that lead to unexpected consequences.

And to weep while watching the death of a perfect day and to

Realize that birth was only half that day ago is sobering:

We watch each other’s eyes while laying on our sides and

Breathing in cadence I tell you that I am a fortunate peasant

And you the Queen who has welcomed by Ghosts.

:: 07-12-2017 ::


i was dreaming of
  colors    inside
my lonely Soul  of
Cobalt violet
and viridian skies
Inside keeping my
heart so cadmium yellow;
Claude Monet’s lilies
keeps me alive.
Imagine cobalt blue,
a peace upon the canvas
lead white kissing
with French ultramarine skies
and we hold hands
— where we leave grief
and misunderstanding
behind.  Kissing beneath
the sun i say, “Cadmium
Orange hugging Vermilion”
And the world murmurs
“That’s so very true.”
:: 03212016 ::


ablaze   beached-brash     dusty flamboyant
fluorescent gaily heart in life  by harmonious expectation…
of rejection?!
so harshly my lover;  iridescently
in  your ways
and at times when the blue jay
hesitates in song — monotone
and muted in love; is when the feeling of
joy turns pastel begging
restrain as the last moments
i have remembered in sepia
as photographs so old they are
red-brown colored;
to have known love so translucent
and vivid — a shade violent!
just too painful to recall
and now all white a washed in
what-WAS and isNOW

:: 07-21-2015 ::