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FORGOTTEN! are the fragmented memories as
touching the ghost-flesh of a missing limb ;a
bridge too far spanned beyond measure
and torn-bleeding feet bared for all to
witness/my Sweetest days
were alone with you
my brilliant Sun and her mistress of night
with silver-beamed light from her ageless face
the Moon\my Love is immeasurable, my Love’s
passion unmeasurable — we are too busy with
each other’s joy to notice; her nails are black
her neck is thin, her eyes anthracine-misty;
the very air within her presence a maelstrom
of mystery is where i am is where i go.

:: 03.21.2020 ::


the sound of forgetting is beautiful
and requires no talent ;
all one must do is Remain
Silent upon a beating drum
then one must think of
& one must believe in
Miracles before these events called for—>
getting grow within fields we have forgotten
but still walk upon _/–\_ while recognizing
all the spots where we have hidden our land-
Mines — all within fear_______________&
empty space is the sound of forgetting.

:: 03.07.2020 ::


THAT I have tried and succeeded is only in great measure

That you have been there with all my fears and displeasure.

Holding my cramped heart and swollen hands is how you have

Saved both my mind and spirit – the soul; still intact down

By the emptying rivers that lead to unexpected consequences.

And to weep while watching the death of a perfect day and to

Realize that birth was only half that day ago is sobering:

We watch each other’s eyes while laying on our sides and

Breathing in cadence I tell you that I am a fortunate peasant

And you the Queen who has welcomed by Ghosts.

:: 07-12-2017 ::



SUMMER HOUSE POETRY: 1 – The Fields of Lovers

Your lips are opened where i dream
expansive fields of tulips kissing
wonderment And eyes as pools of
yet fallen rains      Your heart beating
peace smiling at little things /     as me
deeper than the mystery of life
-searched a loving heart grows
that majestic wing of butterflies
goes into /oVER golden cusp’d
fields with life’s razor-edge gleam
and gloom ‘bursting cloud/RAins
wet our feathered heads within our
nest, which no eye of human can see
‘Tis invisible silence, respecting
unknown artists

:: 09172015 ::


My deartest
I should never
express I am
empty compared
to your heaven
that I am which
by nature expressed
this then is the incomparable
love. A flower whose name
the angels sing,
“Destiny” love So sweetly
gentle heart come toward
the love given by the Hand
of Our Eternal One
Oh! Love! I await for you
in all my tenderest patience
you, the Perfect One!

:: 09-06-2015 ::



JUST a worn pencil
and my heart
on paper wet by tears!
Dear who knew time
was that thief
that took youth away!

That we accept unwillingly
a cyclical passage of
humanity known as life:

which I refuse by all my heart

Love is unperturbed by time
and never ages, dear.

So, my love for you that timeless
stone you hold within your hand

Keep it near, it is all of me
my loving One!

:: 06-23-2015 ::