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A merry-goes round
tipsy-turbulent turby
Oh Merry’s-go round more
and what are you waiting for?
Is it the rabbit you’re looking for
so far down the rabbit’s hole?
Me–but which book within the Universal
Library should I read? There are an infinite
number of books!
The Light–if you read just one of these books
then you’ve read them all!
Aaaaah oooooh i drift past the moment
with my deep head within the clouds
and zebras on tram trains singing with
undulating umbrellas//simply blown away\\

:: 08-19-2018 ::


WITH frosted window pane so cold to touch
Jack Frost has come to town to play
so lock your car and bar your doors
with a heart made of cold blue ice
and fingernails as sharp as knives
Jack is loose and has a grudge
The moon barren a vacant stare
bleeding flurries crimson flakes
a snow like river blood congealed
upon your steps you fear
now so near!
In suede slippers you shuffle
toward the door holding breath
and you peek thru a hole
see the cold and so much more;
It’s old man winter’s friend
who’s come to visit
No need to show him inside
a cold dark night your blood drains
away and you find he’s here
somehow someway he’s come
from beneath the floor
Jack’s no friend of yours
but loves the cold

:: 10-20-1997 (rev) ::


FOREVER nothing
no t hing
just a mixture
of DNA and skin
hahaha __> evil
scientist and
psychiatrist say

” Y E S ! ”

So I reach inside
their skull and show
how well I sit on
the thought of
Mother Universe
Say you are a hater
say I am bacon
Say you like beer
say I am a wineo
we’re all the same!

Manicured lawn
pink flamengo
white picket fence
drive way up to me
inside through my doors
see how life lives
not a tv show dear
the monster skin of life
comes alive!

Say you called the
police and then we smile
all the sane incarcerated
and I have a kit kat bar
so I’m well fed in my heart

:: 06-27-2015 ::