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WITHIN all this time
within my frail skin
my mighty heart still lies
she made a warm soup
while i wandered as a lonely
cloud that floats outside
a window while at night (dreaming):
A host of tellings —
a sickle of amazing sun-honey
lit hearts — beside the lake,
beneath trees, we thrived &
danced within the immortal winds.

:: 07.24.2020 ::


i can hear the footsteps of God
i feel Him falling feet upon
my heart
I see the sun eating skies
i taste love in all tears
of souls
if one plus one equals two
then lovers are balanced
by the love of the sun
if i kiss you then love
we are One

i heard the mystics singing
where enchantment was hand-
in-hand with seasons
and teaching us to love
for goodness sake —
myself two-and-two together
walking in Dragon shadow
at one fine October season
and legends can teach us
to love two-in two
showing how a pure heart
is loved by the sun
loved by the One and
words are grown by mystics
but love by the sun
:: ;09292015 ::