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WITHIN all this time
within my frail skin
my mighty heart still lies
she made a warm soup
while i wandered as a lonely
cloud that floats outside
a window while at night (dreaming):
A host of tellings —
a sickle of amazing sun-honey
lit hearts — beside the lake,
beneath trees, we thrived &
danced within the immortal winds.

:: 07.24.2020 ::


THAT tear i wish to be

so pure a true drop-see

an innocent expression

so true conjured from me

made piece sad apple bite

my heels burn in stiletto

but my dress falls neatly

a walk from here to there

but ageless stares see

each frame-flash desire

numb-we my-soul-be always

i wish a rain to dance in

just me and cloud-thunder

that only an eye-God see

What I am inside always


:: 04-15-2014 :


BLUE rains falling
— a taste of pain
Mother Earth smells
— her moist soil…
pre-natal assault
reminds me of you
I was born
before I had a soul

Laughing rays
— the sun is a whore
— she gives her light
to everyone…
I don’t want you
to be a star
unless you shine
just for me

Blue rains falling
it drives me insane
Blue rains falling
we’re one in the same

I can’t even walk
— a cobble stone
let alone
— a lifetime alone…
unless you give
to me your love
Who says two lovers
can’t be the same

Blue rains deliver such love
you will see such love in darkness
And you will find such love
when you find your heart in him