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i can hear the footsteps of God
i feel Him falling feet upon
my heart
I see the sun eating skies
i taste love in all tears
of souls
if one plus one equals two
then lovers are balanced
by the love of the sun
if i kiss you then love
we are One

i heard the mystics singing
where enchantment was hand-
in-hand with seasons
and teaching us to love
for goodness sake —
myself two-and-two together
walking in Dragon shadow
at one fine October season
and legends can teach us
to love two-in two
showing how a pure heart
is loved by the sun
loved by the One and
words are grown by mystics
but love by the sun
:: ;09292015 ::


i’m child, singing in the briar
keeping my feet in the air
signing fairy tales aloud
nothing matters to this heart
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
all are singing back to me!
I say, ‘living is a good thing’
and the shadows chasing me
but my heart’s a-faster!
and i escape the life of you
i kiss the dirt and the bug
even the muddy waters between
my little toes – can’t you see?
just a heart untouched by hate
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
are all singing back to me!

:: 10-01-2014 ::


I COUGHED and caught
— between a time
where sense and sight
my common sense
A void myself I disavow
the space a cube
was less the warmth
a winter brings…
A sneeze relieved
my mystic trance
and the day
— resumed I



what spell you casting now
Caught your third eye
last night in a deep dream
I was floating on a cloud
watching the wheels turn round
You gonna spread your charm
across the horizon like atomics
I just want to catch your charm
and wear it on my neck chain —
burn a hole thru my heart
and into that deep thriving soul


Dazing confusion
mellow illusion
sensual disconnect
from all confusion
passionate pleas
for a divine release

yin-yang dispute —
balance flesh destroy
spirit repair

I walk between
stream and particle
you say yes – no

multitude confusion
pattern skips
cognitive dissonance

Animal power – persuades
light beacon – leads —
in the end we meet