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I feared a thing untold & unseen
that thing i feared my mind
a thing too!
Split by half in such unknown
i strove to know:
unraveled too which spilled
upon the floor!
Imperfect thoughts rolled
from higher ground to low!
Then reality’s curtain fell;
my needle tired to stitch
the past when love was good
but life ran beyond the needle
and instead stitched time
within my soul

:: E.P. ROBLES (c) 2018::

:: 05-15-2014 ::
:: 10-20-2018 ::


if the big smirk in the skull
of my mirrors kiss this dirt-death heart /whom everyone
wonders\where did he or she go? i will not have ever loved
one more than you whilst i take the red from within your body;
a hand’s impression is an empty theater without darkness and a
shard of light. i am a shape without the
once-good kissy-lip’d mouth /silver-moon’d anvil striking
spoon collecting the images of one fatal wound/;so much as the dilapidated
heart birdcaged within this ruinous estate!

:: 07.01.2020 ::


Time step; THE stolen moments
where pain stops and dreams
become real.
threaded through the space
of love-eyes as sung-sings
past-present and futures.

Hearts: the mountain’s rivers
released as a knot torn out
of an awakened mind.

The many but few against the
unaware mass of deepest
sleepers denying the One Light!

AND the blazing sun and all stars
unjustly crowded by deep spacing
, and echoes of Divinity –
lies /have greater ripples
fatter, clutching
dimmer light, U-
understand \
as the Earth seizes-weezes
a bloodclot from its global nose.

MindSphere greetings goes wild,
textPerts too,

a darkMuscle-blood, it too
conceals itself folded within
the secrets and shadows it
carries within most humanity.

Reproduction by
fear, greed, hate, and envy

it buds.

:: 01-04-2017 ::


i can hear the footsteps of God
i feel Him falling feet upon
my heart
I see the sun eating skies
i taste love in all tears
of souls
if one plus one equals two
then lovers are balanced
by the love of the sun
if i kiss you then love
we are One

i heard the mystics singing
where enchantment was hand-
in-hand with seasons
and teaching us to love
for goodness sake —
myself two-and-two together
walking in Dragon shadow
at one fine October season
and legends can teach us
to love two-in two
showing how a pure heart
is loved by the sun
loved by the One and
words are grown by mystics
but love by the sun
:: ;09292015 ::


I GAZED into the mirror’s back
there I saw the world’s eyes
the beauty and horror
of all our humankind!
Even my own eyes I saw
weeping for a blind eye!

:: 11-10-2014 ::


Solid legs / \ my grand preying
mantis )attack( my nature
ate scissorCutter leafs
yourSoul e y e s.
slender casing souled
my love to God! I see!
no, wish I did! you there!
Panther thoracic mouthSoul!
A beauty so not of this world!
[we are alike in our role of few lines where we are the misunderstood]

:: 11-04-2014 ::


I once took a ‘failure’
within my heart
and gave it love
did you see it?
It grew a rainbow
that spanned life
And I said to it
‘Life my dear,
is the taste,
like bitter death’
The summer knows
that it always falls
and then soon,
into a cold wintry truth

Such is the life of living!

:: 11-02-2024 ::


I hold little value for time
these days when I am always
writing. Compressed into
a vacuum of love and past life!
I do rarely know what I scribe —
automaton are we, many minds!
But each poem is a life I love
when I write. I die each night
and the beauty of resurrection
my each morning!

:: 10-23-2014 ::


and I die(d) “thanking my word: so long ago”
“would you; yes you would”
“and, everything, everything…”
“if you try to breath…”
“I choke upon the flesh of my dying skin…”
“you used to be a little boy”
“…and everything, tries — and I choke believing,”
“do you?”
“and every feather, petal, leaf, and heart,

speaks (cry) loving (hugs)


:: 10-22-2014 ::


i’m child, singing in the briar
keeping my feet in the air
signing fairy tales aloud
nothing matters to this heart
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
all are singing back to me!
I say, ‘living is a good thing’
and the shadows chasing me
but my heart’s a-faster!
and i escape the life of you
i kiss the dirt and the bug
even the muddy waters between
my little toes – can’t you see?
just a heart untouched by hate
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
are all singing back to me!

:: 10-01-2014 ::