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/wh/AT darkness
see(th) me(at) E my soul
I Drown c<at> the fis%sure%
@be@ low my soul lives
a dream so l(ow) l&ays
night /wh/AT darkness

:: 07-16-2014 ::


If I died within my complete madness
would I go to a heavenly asylum
One of celestial rubber rooms
and mad scientists of Freudian School
I wish my God a savant of love
who adore romanticism and Mozart
We should drink tea with Jung
and hear of intellectual mysticism

:: 07-04-2014 ::


I love a scab
upon the scalp
It provides
a touch stone
Finger and Mind

:: 07-04-2014 ::


I ne’er guarantee
surrealism through
tilted lenses —
it’s a thing in the heart
A twisted thorn bleeding
in the little lost child —
screaming for nirvana

:: 07-02-2014 ::


Most of my favorite memories
are cast within the daily grind
a trip or two across the way
from morning to evening light
But if I am brave enough to say
and sometimes I am not
(but not today)
the very best of memories
are the ones I make within my dreams
And the rarest of all make their own

:: 06-22-2014 ::


seethe creep — my fear!
(less) gimp worm
loss(ness –>) brute
dance leg goat boar
(ness) melt soul || mind ||
how-which lower life
none mind(less) whine
In that asylum called life!
dead life abhor lovers
a frolic acid bath mind!

:: 06-13-2014 :.

T E X T P E R T — E X P E R T

Textpert expert telling us how it is
a jumbo word manifesto sexpert
I see how a pig could fly
all you have to do is kiss a bug
bullfrogs have all died, oh my!
but the chemical plants
swear on their dead souls
a fish could have two heads
Darwin on steroids drank a coke
and the bomb loves your mother
Tell me a bedtime story
without politics and I’ll die
you are the Textpert expert
thumbing all through the lies
for the world there’s a word
and all the circus clowns have died

:: 05-26-2014 ::


When you awaken
do you get up into
the sinking —
inside of you?
it’s three feet below the bed
where you rest your head
at the foot of —
an anchor-stone
I can only ask because I know
the weight of that stone
kept me three feet below —
the resting bed
until one day I arose
up into the sun
when I awaken
that’s where I go

:: 05-28-2014 ::


sometimes (now) I dislike
(hate) indecision
many fates //now// spill
horrified goldfish meeting air
myopic eyes live cataract-like
but still &-now I unlike
that Inde-CISION cuts me
through the ghost-bone

:: 05-28-2014 ::


To feel and express
—– that moment
mixed emotions, tangled web
A heart and word ensnared
that spider-thought
— spinning web
to die entombed
in mental cocoon
is what I fear —
what more to do!

:: 05-13-2014 ::