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I took out a second mortgage on the flesh and bones
of my soul and drove home wondering if the foundation
was cracked.  That would reduce the selling price
of the graveyard I sleep within each dying moment of
my lifeless wondering-wandering experience.  

My llama was in the passenger seat, pink-lensed
circular glasses upon her long nose and crossed legs
(shaved just for me).  She glanced at my in a
psychedelic motion and blew me a smothering-wet kiss
and said, “Focus on the road.”  She smoked like a chimney
and I took a drag oh, well, drag, and we drag on, don’t wee.  
Night forgave the day in all it’s fucked ways and we
kissed a star before entering our habitat.  There’s a
staircase and beneath it a library with forgotten prose.  
I grabbed a book on the way up into our nest.  

“Animal Farm” the spine read. I feel like, “Minimus”
in a world of humans.

:: 08-30-2014 ::


Plastic clouds sherbet skies
meeting place of the stones
you were too hard today
the way you sat there —
so I took a walk across the mind
silly thoughts and memories.
A slither pinned in medulla
a pinstriped boy pulled her.
The ocean drowned the Earth
as we watched the little ones
running for the backstage
forgetting all their lines.
I guess the beltway fades
as all the cockroaches die
We are the mind, only one
a mind to mend upon the sky

:: 05-16-2014 ::

T E X T P E R T — E X P E R T

Textpert expert telling us how it is
a jumbo word manifesto sexpert
I see how a pig could fly
all you have to do is kiss a bug
bullfrogs have all died, oh my!
but the chemical plants
swear on their dead souls
a fish could have two heads
Darwin on steroids drank a coke
and the bomb loves your mother
Tell me a bedtime story
without politics and I’ll die
you are the Textpert expert
thumbing all through the lies
for the world there’s a word
and all the circus clowns have died

:: 05-26-2014 ::


I’m wearing a white jacket and there’s a van with men in white
suits waiting for me to finish my cigarette.  I painted a blue
whale upon a city scape and all the flotsam and jetsam flooded
downtown and the men in suits screamed curses at the raven
perched upon the tower of shame and greed.  I confess, the women
in suits kissed me and urged me on and so I created a golden
river down Wall Street made of mud so the creeps and money-hungry
bastards could drown in the remnants of their greed.  Wall Street
drowned and Michael that Archangel sheathed his sword, said,
“Good deem done human friend.”  So I moved to another house, made
of white and there I found another blue crab that my blue whale
had missed to eat…I didn’t’ have the heart — the decay was
already set in, so I moved onward.  In truth, the Earth is a
beautiful marble and I would always keep it in my bag and never
play it.  Instead I found the tallest mountain and sang my heart
out and threw flowers downwind so the souls could smell roses and
know the day is nigh…something great to happen.  Soon.

:: 04-10-2014 ::


A hit on the head
a thump to the heart
a jump on the start
showed me to let them in

Martin Luther
JFK open the door
Mister Lincoln
you before us

I open the door
and hearts flow
I’ll let them in
and let love flow
march for life yes

Farmer Bill
Sister Suzy
Mister Leonard
Brother Phil

Come on in all
there’s a plan
before the fire
beneath the night

Someone’s knocking
on the door —
do me a favor
and let them in

Sister and brothers
the plant of liberty
is dry — let’s try
bleed dream and cry

:: 03-05-2014 ::


What if love was free
and tears no more
and fear died alone
and children laughed
knowing life was theirs
to live as they wished

It isn’t so strange
believing in love
if you choose to
it’s inside us all
waiting for you
we could love all

I say dream a day
in which this wish
can come true
it’s above us
and so below
dream a dream

life so wondrous
nothing to die for
and nothing debited
just souls giving
a brotherhood loved
and dreams our friend

:: 02-25-2014 ::


The greatest cosmic joke:

that humans believe
they are in control
of world affairs

the cosmic Jester
— laughs —


(c) ep robles 2012

is for the crazy people
always jumping away
fearful kittens scratching

my-sharp sword for slicing
butter on cold days
and who cares

the ticket meter is full
avocado sliced
bleeding incredible red

and the next flag to fall —
is false like the words
out of that district
…the legal criminals
— you know
look in your wallet

so cry me a tear
then shut it up
— superglue it

no time for fearful twits
grow a brain and grab
your socks —
mother [nature baby]
is pissed

:: 02-14-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles – 2013

SLEEPING I dreamed I had a wardrobe
and there were every kind of costume,
each one for the fantasy of life.
But the police cuffed my hands
saying, “Don’t you know kind sir,
we control the fate of humanity.”
The dream police took me away,
saying there’s no court for my offense
and they threw me back into the cell
where waking people sit and wait,
hoping of a life where they can dream too.

:: 02-04-2014 ::