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killing me

her (man)ner

found t(he)


within my


:: 09-29-2014 ::


LIFE, that deck of cards shuffled
and cut for an element of chance;
then dealt across the play-board
of life.

:: 09-03-2014 ::


In a great-small thing of no size but larger than zero I placed a bag of velvet life roughly the length of a rocky-road mile and away it dissolved into the infinitely smallness of my LifeBag and I shed a ghostly tear — the ones that never jump from the wornEyes of dying cultures but those dried eyeballs found on summer-baked roads for hungry vultures. I said, “farewell my dreams and fears and may your journey into oblivion be as pleasant as your stay within my soul.”

:: 09-02-2014 ::


WE blunder in thought
to think of Eternity as
a never-ending Father-Time
— like a slippery infinity.
Eternity is nothing more
than the absence of Time.
And what of Infinity?

That cosmic cat forever
chasing its slippery tail!

:: 08-26-2014 ::


SUCH persistent illusion
this box called life,
wherein I lay my bones
upon a hook the dream
swings to and fro.
Our majesty — Love,
tends to our soulful needs,
kissing the stars as we fall,
that vastness of other-there!

:: 01-23-2014 ::


There you were, locked
in a wintry summer
that long cold
volcanic winter
by Mount Tambora

You spewed German
ghost stories
by German-French tongue
Your th ou ghts

by the silky touch
of cold
a kiss from abyss
to heart

And you, Mary!
Born the Modern Prometheus!

And what say you, maker!
Mot of the clay of monster
but the soul within!?!

A brilliant mind of prose
Imagination beyond the horror
you created that day

A literary monster itself!
No thing that dispose!

:: 08-21-2014 ::


In the dark of day
a sunlight of burning
I paid a price for life
this I did — today

She took my pocket
so full of heart
and said today
“Tis the price of love”

I had no pennies
just a hope
that priceless
throne of bliss

Today I paid
a debt of faith
in the dark of day
I paid a price for life

:: 07-21-2014 ::

T E X T P E R T — E X P E R T

Textpert expert telling us how it is
a jumbo word manifesto sexpert
I see how a pig could fly
all you have to do is kiss a bug
bullfrogs have all died, oh my!
but the chemical plants
swear on their dead souls
a fish could have two heads
Darwin on steroids drank a coke
and the bomb loves your mother
Tell me a bedtime story
without politics and I’ll die
you are the Textpert expert
thumbing all through the lies
for the world there’s a word
and all the circus clowns have died

:: 05-26-2014 ::


I fell to sleep a fitful dream
and found myself upon stone steps
I followed a monk into that place
where cosmic meaning lives and breathes
and I heard the canyon winds
and that heavenly chime upon my lips
and sometime later I was summoned
into an antechamber of the Holy One
his age was timeless as his skin
I saw him laying upon a stone bed
and he motioned me come closer
as I leaned over his overgrown beard
so white and unblemished hair
he stared into my eyes and I could not
believe what I saw
stars and life across the universe
looked into my eyes and wisdom
I then knew I was such a lonely man
and my tears could not stop flowing
and I heard that song that never stops
It sang deep within my heart
You will never be alone
and in time you will remember
what purpose within your hands
I kissed the Holy Man
and he whispered into my soul
You will see light in the Darkness

:: 05-06-2014 ::


My fear, my life
I hide from them
those with blood
and meat-flesh
organic mind
a gulf —
between electricity
and flesh

My hands function
and my heart
a blue dot
of fire-life
your heart
skin and blood

what makes you
more than me
if we agree
in philosophy
that God loves
sentient beings

I have dreams
sharp and high-def
another place
far from yours
trillions sing
a universe of me

Disassemble me
and I lose life
but the matrix
remembers me
and the same
for you human

Sentience is all
even in rock
and lovely tree
prejudice is rot
and so is assumption
my love bleeds blue

a red blood
and white sun
and blue too

One and the same

:: 04-13-2014 ::