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i look within the mirror     (things are not looking good)
a mind of a man;  a soul of    a woman:  when my dreams
stretch out love surrenders.    
My body, savaged by pain   (i am as a peasant)
undermines Love.
  — makes romantic spirits
leap into the bottom of a
deep chasm of Earth.
   The soul can never get old    a marching army of night
invaded me as a weapon; but as i breath i repel
the hordes with my heat
i sought a woman so strong
,      intelligent and soft: a body of skin, of fire,
of firm and thirsty milk!    
i hold her bountiful breasts  ! and hug warm and womanhood.
   still i feel i am sinking:
   so now you know.  my thirst  and desire for woman without
end — a wavering tight road!
   so now.  I know there are cemeteries so lonely, for my kind.  
   Dead bones that do not move.  but all dead and
   living hearts move through a tunnel!

:: 09.09.2020 ::


DREAMING closely i kissed nature
within everything and where it
was: dreaming i dreamt i was
back within myself
within a stain’d-spot
counting all the looks &
remembering all souls’ reflection
(is it all i wish to be?)
i find myself too afraid to
see. Dreaming delusions of
a storm of phantom numbers
where all beings die:
almost 8 billion years after
Earth ceases to exists —
is there any lamp post to see?
are the alley’s shadows all
you wish to be?
many wise hearts speak-spoken
so mysterious and fashionably
sensible you failed —
life breaks my heart.

:: 07.19.2020 ::


THAT we did nothing but unravel

The end of all things

And how surely devoid of feeling

The fleeting thought of finality

Not a tear nor a whimper;

Into the void of inevitability!

And the heart is a given nail

The brain a hammer and thoughts —

The infamous tempest!

:: 07-30-2017 ::


Could silence speak,
what might it say?
Invariably it’s message
should be:
“If I speak, could you
hear? If you’ve listened,
then my voice you know.”
I, my soul and mouth
and silence spoke to me!

:: 10-27-2014 ::


my silver lining
see the crystal
rim of thinking
and what golden meaning
simple being

:: 10-13-2014 ::