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Quietly Unseen


Forgive me, father!
In youth, at country fairs,
I didn’t seek out boring shooting galleries where every shot hits,
Rather, those loud places where donkeys
With weary flanks unfurled long bloody tubes
I still can’t comprehend!
And my mother too,
Whose slip smelled sharply,
Rumpled and yellowed at its hem like fruit,
My mother who would climb noisily into bed
-A daughter of toil-my mother, with her
Ripe womanly thighs, her heavy hips
Creasing the sheets, got me hot in ways you shouldn’t talk about!
A rawer, calmer guilt came
When my little sister, just back from class,
Her clogs worn down on the ice,
Pissed, and I watched a mawkish thread of urine!
Escape from her tight pink nether lips.
o forgive me!
Sometimes I would think about my father:
At night, card games and bawdy talk,
Our neighbor stopping by, me shoved aside, seeing certain things …
-Fathers can be frightening! -The things you imagine!
His lap, sometimes cuddly; his pants
My finger wanted to pry open at the fly … -Dh no!-
To touch my father’s dark, fat, hard head,
Whose hairy hand had rocked me!
I shouldn’t speak __|

:: 10.25.2022 ::


WITHIN the heat of night i see my moon shadow
within this night yes so if i ever say
i ever denied love only because i am weak
and i see you and i know how colors paint
life & how broken hearts weep for more tomorrows
And dear : i lost my mind and my mouth | i see how
seeds grow into frail flowers
/so i see my shadow \ even in sunlight —
so i am dumb and i am weak and so
human. So if within the heat
of night i see my moon shadow
within this night yes / i lost my mind
and forgot the spectrum of colors because
i lost your love. So sun shadows i burn
looking at your light and wish i could be
so much as you my brilliant sun and my mouth
and my teeth and heart and my soul weeps
tearings looking at the moon shadow.

:: 08.12.2020 ::


In this past I remember crickets &
flies indiscriminately conflating
phylum and Genus. Whether my flesh
within Babylon or Bayonne–
tonight is the toast of this Night:
Herr Ludwig Van Beethoven
his anger and brilliance could bore
kind hearts but his sugar notes and
finesse of the keyboard was charity
and progress — so sick am i within
all these strange looks […]
we saw and heard and were all these
sick happy heaps of children on the brink
of pleasant discovery.

:: 07.04.2020 ::


IT is midnight; somewhere a storm has
overshadowed a Soul, in others, the storm
is a brilliant reprieve of false peace;
and words pour as molten gold.

A richness of undetermined wealth measured
by Spirit and not human needs.

I have become equal to fear and peace —
this i discovered with my never-closing eyes,
take away this discovery and many others
to share with all fellows. The proof of
existence is a blood-penned period at the
end of a written sigh.

And i write this previous sentence in honor
of Isidore Lucien Ducasse.

To discover your feelings have died and
the skin is a roof for a cemetery! This
pain causes me to pull upon my eyes until
they fall to the ground; and to realize
sympathy is a symphony of sensitive angels
who love us all.

To me; i love you. To everyone else, you
have been my teacher.

:: 04-16-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019


There’s no one here. But me. And that quiet
voice which is the beginning of a thing of
beauty. And today nature is agreeable with
my sentiment of a perfect life; her high
morning sea and cloudless sphere kiss my
tender heart and soul.

Today I have stopped. Thinking. And how when
beauty and love enters one’s life all the noise
stops. Confusion melts.

When nature touches you.

:: 04-08-2018 ::


my silver lining
see the crystal
rim of thinking
and what golden meaning
simple being

:: 10-13-2014 ::


— what state
Surely I will visit
My suitcase packed
— unknown destination
My intuition says
a map cannot reveal
locations of the mind
Much easier a travel
when disposition drives



THERE is a sound
not stirred nor made
that rings a tone
not sung nor heard
To hear it requires
— a quiet place
Not here nor there
But within the void
— a solemn place