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TOOTH baby teething sucking a thumb
wants to walk to the kitchen to
pull nurturer’s apron string away
it’s more than a feeling falling
a w ay || A 6′ x 5′ cell
angry at all the minions who
gave him a reason to sell his
own life away /\ away i dream
so low so low slow
so low so low slow
so low so low slow
So much i’m feeling
baby steps through penal systems
Lord i’m so gone i’m so low
Lord i’m so gone i’m so low
Lord i’m so gone i’m so low
If i could go back i’d bake a cake
if i could go back i’d make a date
if i could go back i’d fake a rape
just an embryo caught in libido
just an eye crossed against life
just an excuse to never feel more
And when lights grow low the smell
of frustration walks down the halls
and i eat the world away in tears
oh low oh low oh low hello so low
oh low oh hello so low!

:: 11062015 ::


To have had a broken heart
is a righteous moment of
appeasement that you
accept love in all forms
To have broken a heart
is a deeper debt of one’s
soul difficult to repay

:: 09-04-2015 ::


THE penny in the gutter
saw me ; nothing more exactly
terrible than
throwing opportunity away.
one lost by holes in a pocket;
than like despair which impersonates
a lonely street: me || the walls ||
my heart that lived, asks: “should
mind overhear and explain “Who?” —
the silence,knowing,feeling,SAYing
“do WE pick up the penny within the
gutter?” and then maybe hugging a
lonely dying destitute soul within
a park: a penny for your thoughts ~
for your hearts, for your soul

:: 07-09-2015 ::


TOO quaint
being the great
wishing well!
lust is a drink
which who’ve stumbled
crazy steeper steps
of love and life

hearts are supernovae
bursting light ! when
thenSOME s8uls who lit
lovers who are these lips

until and who came?
across the filiament
kicked and spurred
“it feels i’ve just heard you

love, the screech
my sweet Jennifer: and whom
i too have never met or
anyone like this soul

it is spirits and with
illimitable days;
forever fruit

:: 07-08-2015 ::


it is the brightest of nights;
the exceptional expectation
which fate has granted the every-
NOTHING. paradoxically enough
if one believes in Life;
kissing phenomena believing
science when flasks and
atom smashers dance together
and flesh/blood kill each other
the more paradoxical enough
today my lips bled when
i spoke just a word,
and a new element born!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


i could hear the spraying    ocean singing song
when longing afar from loving shores
and there upon the moonlit sands would
i hope to see the footprints of romance
and love toward my own island-life
if i heard the praying lonely singing longing
voice upon the ocean waving wane of life


:: 07-08-2015 ::


SO i wish I smelled
like you instead of
the nasty salts of
a working man
Amazing Grace
by Philosophy
All you write;
“I have no right
fresh sun and love”
leaving me the
citrus note:
‘wish I was like you’
So white musk and
so regretful apologies
soft floral blossom
of ofactory you!

I’m scared cause I
want you — tic-toc
addiction of
whore clock

:: 07-01-2015 ::


AND so my love shall we be
the wings of a butterfly
dipping nectar -see?
Shall we gather nuts
as the squirrel does
before wintery days?
I wish — may I?
To be the crashing waves
of any shoreline!
Or the dew so heavy
it collapses the leaf
of a morning break!
So, love, what shall we
be? Doves? To spread
our wings upon the hope
of peace — yes, dear.
That is us!

:: – ::


AND with no curiosity
nor enjoyment for life
each knock upon my
chamber heart ignored!
THAT door once built
upon intoxicating power;
a wilted stem o’ flower
is how I see my soul!
A ceaseless disregard
for popular accord
I wish to spread
the seeds of prose
and watch the flowers grow!
and before you ever thought
of Spring did you ever see
the bluejay sing?

:: 04-10-2015 ::

Elements of Nature

AND shadows shout!
AND fog like muffled cries
obscuring life-like carnivals
when all lights sleep!

:: 05-16-2014 ::