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raging wars raging more
raging whores raging
lore /::the cock ROACH
above my walls winked;
COCK roach!\ so come on
over to do the twist–
all do it and have a fit
: i’m bleeding out of me
bleeding out of me ::twist;;
so come on over and love
how you are so sick so shoot
the shit…
bleeding blue bleeding
raging wars raging more
raging whores raging lore

:: 07.16.2020 ::


I’m sitting pondering
bits and pieces
of my own beating heart by the shore
i texted the coast guard watching
the porpoise flipping across waves
in cerulean memories of when i
said ‘i meant to honor you even
if i loose everything in the
ocean of my life’
I watched how the shores took a bit
of you so i send my love to you
you are the sunlight of my life
every night giving all my love to you
and seashells singing of you
the warmest blood of all is so fanthoms deep
so i honor you with the seas of my heart

:: 10282015 ::


IS then, that love
by gorgeous heart
begin when furnace
burns as stars
if then, that smile
by largest mouth
turns the tide of
all seaside towns
(their homes lit
to reflect light
upon the undulating
wishes of some Soul)
waves!  Sound is salty
within my mouth dear;
but a tongue speaks
fresh-watered kisses
and jelly-fish are
hard upon the shores
speaking of how they
once danced in liquid
–love?  Yes my dear
yours are soft and
still swimming upon
this embrace between
beating hearts! The
ocean sings tonight!

:: 07-18-2015 ::


like the never-knew mind!
By motion that bigLarge
something which life could
never move!
And these Oceans!
all emotion by
the loved-eyes
of heartWaves!
All emotion.

:: 05-11-2015 ::


my bottledWord by sea,
tossing dipping
drowing almostly by
squalls and the hot
blood of ocean
My penKnew inklings,
like severeKraken
gripping timeHearts
And where my heartWords?
Wash ashore — neatly
within my bottledSoul
only the future knows,
but myTimeBymoments
— my future friend,
I do love you like
today — I wear you
when I swim!

:: 10-22-2014 ::