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Bifurcated Thoughts

WHAT is that __
                I am sad or happy]\
? “come on…” talks like a possum
oh Karma arrested police makes me feel\
  –? if it’s what you feel;  if it’s
what Kings and Queens dealt;  oh Night
camera-pareidolia / its what we eat
and what we digest in memories }}oh
forever i lost myself inside time
and space || many little ones \ oh
forget and forgive religion and
all sense of self –P{r}etty\
flesh cave inside the world.

And the world keeps on raining
all the graves opening to begin

: 11.07;2021 ::


Ocean waves speak to me after a long travel

submersed fish kissing me when you’re hungry

Atlantic clouds rain ships have set a course

toward my shores and your thoughtless words

have broken my bow breaking my heart

A hidden philosophy freezing my soul out in this Ocean

and these games are tearing me apart / coast guard

brave team who try to save this soul ~~ but the ocean

knows our sails and ropes

So to pray  is to nature or God or to another One

but when it comes who will save your Soul.

:: 06.09.2022 ::


DEAD are these fathom of times by change; lies
of not tongue but heart, nay, soul as dead coral made
as now ocean die and her pearls wilt and destroyed
by poison of mankind.
All fades by that terrible hand called Mankind.
As doth suffer the sea-change
uncoiled and spoiled by rich and strange.
 Sea-nymphs SCREAM in tumultuous toil
singing, “DING-DONG.

:: 09.15.2021 ::


I’m sitting pondering
bits and pieces
of my own beating heart by the shore
i texted the coast guard watching
the porpoise flipping across waves
in cerulean memories of when i
said ‘i meant to honor you even
if i loose everything in the
ocean of my life’
I watched how the shores took a bit
of you so i send my love to you
you are the sunlight of my life
every night giving all my love to you
and seashells singing of you
the warmest blood of all is so fanthoms deep
so i honor you with the seas of my heart

:: 10282015 ::


WHEN with wide-opened eyes,
just two this morning
a single finger sputtering
witin the fruit bowl of
table cornered smiles
you came through the hall-
way into the warm tight
kitchen corners weeping,
“Is this the grand goodbye?”
you devised by wishing
history — the misty
frothing sea of green
and mystery: the regular
rise of heart’s ocean
waters are know as tides
that bid farewell
and waters like love
fall back again and lust
rising to highest levels
that covers much of shore!
And when time and thoughts
are at lowest tide: falls
to its lowest level –\
it is the lowest tide for
love!wish i wish rising!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


like the never-knew mind!
By motion that bigLarge
something which life could
never move!
And these Oceans!
all emotion by
the loved-eyes
of heartWaves!
All emotion.

:: 05-11-2015 ::


my bottledWord by sea,
tossing dipping
drowing almostly by
squalls and the hot
blood of ocean
My penKnew inklings,
like severeKraken
gripping timeHearts
And where my heartWords?
Wash ashore — neatly
within my bottledSoul
only the future knows,
but myTimeBymoments
— my future friend,
I do love you like
today — I wear you
when I swim!

:: 10-22-2014 ::


Where that ocean screams
and her wave licks light
between promise and realm
sailors scream tomorrows
beneath that watery dream
baritone whale sing sweets
mermaids swim toward seam
A whale tooth bites you
and barracuda needles zone
flotsam drinks too foamy
jetsam dreams sand pebble
and salty eyes crying
sand crust skin itching
that heart beating waves
sperm whale moonlight swell

:: 03-12-2014 ::