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EVil is a heart racing
leaving shadows behind
In this daylight everything
is lit with a target —
so you try so h ard
to hide.
Evil is hard breathing
& wishing to hide: no rock
or coverage can hide you:
— wishing to survive
then evil finds you
– the rest is humanity.
everyone just everyone!
wants to taste you and Devour

:: 07.04.2020 ::


THE angel Jophiel who beautifies us
i fell from heaven and drifted
behind those eyes of holy men
so highly favored glory us
and his wings covered me
oh glory “the world hailed”
my soul so empty as i stumble
in this empty life
“For strong men choose the hammer
but romantic hearts smell roses”
And when I chose to destroy
the one thing dear to me
the Archangel Raguel looked at me
(he installs harmony within
relationships) and I tore space
and time between hearts and life
knowing the romance angels tell
the truth oh glory unto us

:: 12122015 ::


THE words of angels
say: “we all have times
within our lives when things
may not be going well…”
and an angel falls from
heaven with each rain drop
to guide it to its place
and golden moments within the
stream of life rush past us
and gratitude is our most
direct link to God and
the angels //so sing
glory unto us

:: 10032015 ::


And if you heard
the angelic sound
— a musical lyric
in variation — eternal
What words to choose
a mumbling fool may say
— what tears to shed
mostly joyous — though
none I dare to share
Clearly unprepared
is the human mind
and heart to grasp
such grandeur
as God’s beauty
— love and let love
in Peace & Harmony