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DESIRE pleases us
in many ways
the natural urge
— that compels
for many it must
be fastly quenched
or the magic
— loses its spell

My desire can never expire
it dwells within another place
— far from flesh and skin
between the fold
of existence
beyond the sight
of human eye

My desire — a burning fire
needs no explaining
it resides over there
— beyond the way
eccentric I am
some would say

:: 01-26-2014 ::


LOVE my love
never dies
sometimes weak…

But you keep
a fire lit
— between us

In the night
such might
bequeath us

Such delight
the arrow
— of Cupid…

Binds us…
— as one

Never leave
but believe
such a gift…

rare is love

:: 01/20/2014::


CROUCHED like a bent shadow
it oozes into your heart chamber
this thing called drama
such distaste like metallic powder
radioactive tumor future
fester blister in hot puss
insanity breeds sore illusions
I touched the atom-heart today
boiling hot in buried fuel rods
isotopes that life-span eons
my hair fell and nails rotted
my soul in disrepair shattered
give me China syndrome
I melt through Mother Earth
and hope to reach your burning heart