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DESIRE pleases us
in many ways
the natural urge
— that compels
for many it must
be fastly quenched
or the magic
— loses its spell

My desire can never expire
it dwells within another place
— far from flesh and skin
between the fold
of existence
beyond the sight
of human eye

My desire — a burning fire
needs no explaining
it resides over there
— beyond the way
eccentric I am
some would say

:: 01-26-2014 ::


THE mask you see
gently just for thee
where once tender
fingers touched
and pale face
once adorn…
It has no eyes
save the ones
— of your soul
And if some tears
— it could shed
oceans it would fill
Such a love it has
for your porcelain skin



REDUCED I feel so lightly
and say no more than ‘sword’
Gently digging-cutting
so scorned a love as yours
—  bleeding–killing vicious
The soul I once so loved
— and gently knew…
withered before
my bleeding eyes
A kiss to you my ghost
and gently sweep away
from dust to dust as most
I once believed in us
But now I lay to rest
this deceased dream I must



MANY masks have I seen
and a few I have known
But the most of diabolical
is not the mask of evil
nor the grotesque
— but the innocent face
which behind hides
the truest of evil
— the sociopath



IF with ancient eyes
you could see
the grinding passage
of human-time
And the cycles
that dance upon
the hearts and minds
of all-in-kind
What say, for your
— might plead
to be released
from the criminal act
of human folly


SEEING you and him in a wish
I shall not pass by this night
but cast an arrow across your hearts
spark the light of love — your souls
light breaks — daybreak loves you most
a new day of love for you both
and I sling my arrows your way

All I want is to give love
and love is all I can give
and all is the air I need
to breath the love into you

Tomorrow comes and many other days
gracefully taking time in stride
and loving your time eternally
and all you want is what I gave
and give I give each and every day

I am so cupid — loving you all
nothing greater than giving my all
farming a soil rich in lust and love
nothing better than to give my all

Tomorrow I bring
another lover
to their love
its all I can do
to give to you



BE-TENDERLY sweet-kissy
playful nymph
catching fire upon
my surface-lips
warm potion-love
drips hot
barely control-shivers
tingly in all spots
abate your spell
save you burn the lot
pray-tell go gently
such love explodes
my life-will bends
to each gust of wind
that carries your lust
Go gently!  
It is all too much!


LOVE-SWEET word beauty-laced
it sends me to another place
holding onto your tender wing
cloud-punch a hole into the blue

where are you taking us
— is it to that spot?
where lazy angels play
are we to sing with the harp?

Love-sweet word beauty-laced
giving me more than all I want
whispering honey dew unto my heart
kiss me ocean-sky lips so sweet

I see the place past the-beyond
over the rolling green hills
and through the gate into your arms



THERE in an instant
once labeled
becomes a thing
other than itself
before — a clean slate
maybe more
now caricature
of ‘this’ and ‘how’

The linears need
their lines and rules
to fit preconceived notion
into their folds
but ‘things’ are not
and rules do beg
to smother and kill
the ‘self’ — many holes


WHAT electric wizardry!
–this white clean store,
polished, white on white
unblemished glass and steel
unnerving to a naturalist’s eyes
but the translucency of gadgets!

A savior of circuitry serves man
Ah! Soon to be topsy-turvey
and even so — maybe now
who serves whom this day and age
when so many are teethered
to their devices — such a vice!