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PLACE your h ips across my s h o u l d ers

i have s o me thing to say —>
to your pussy brain :

i said, seriously.

I wan to know you

Your dreams
your Fears
what Loves you’ve had
within this Life.

so place your hips across my
shoulders please.

Because, well.
I have something to say to you.

:: 08.15.2020 ::


WATCHING the animal within her cage;
eyes of ibex and look too closely
into an eye –> it is the sound of the class
you are / e v e r y t h i n g is where
it belongs\ all inside
and all — right where it
belongs as if everything
around you aren’t quite as
it seems )( negative reflections
: a l l you wish to be | but if you
could look right through Christ —
would you find yourself afraid?
to see as Narcissus staring and
hiding within a tree — so everything
around you are not quite as it seems
and the world you used to know
was an elaborate dream.
hey! wait! i have a new complaint
dressed myself within angel’s hair
and baby breath /broke your hymen with
-in prose-purple noose.

:: 07.15.2020 ::


TONIGHT I’m so dry
but so heart-sweaty
And I can feel you
prancing all around me
So I saved my life today
when – of you I stopped
thinking yea, almost drowned
within my lust all for you

But I’m still hungry for you
no matter what I do
I still hunger for you

For months I drank your blood
we can’t always do that we want
at least that’s what everyone says
but I won you in a game of chance
and your braid rests upon my heart

And I’m still hungry for you
no matter what I do
I still hunger for you

So soliloquy speaks for me
upon my stage I break the rule
no matter what they think
and they think what they want!
I’m still hungry for you
Yea, no matter what I do
I’m still hungry for you



THESE are my friends
one that wishes
the other that begs

Hush to one I said
life bleeds with cuts
the other such pity

These are my friends
one cries and shouts
the other silently weeps

Soothe such anger my angel
blackness begs an audience
dry your eyes my other!

We are such friends
she lives beneath my skin
turmoil burns tender hearts

Now you shall shine
rubies shall you drip
upon the land of giving

At last!  My love’s complete