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FIRE that burning ICE

axe-plosion      burst stream
at first
a whisper dove

elegantly comes to me

DEVIL flames
kiSsing soul
thunderous passion burning

A high sky ceiling tracing

my dove-love      angelic rope
Weakened hands
i clasp
the golden reed
of Nile

tossing waters moving
ancient reed

lonely the soul drifting

between bodies of heaven
and that of hell
and Earth

What Kings see, humans know

what angels adore
the devil
— loves
but my dove

SOARS so high above all

pure light eagle eyes

a hush from Creation

soon — the grand scene!

:: 04-17-2014 ::


IT began not
with a grand plan
but within a fit
of utter despair
and the fury
of God-Light
consumed nothing
but gave all love

:: 03-01-2014 ::


IN the beginning the word was ‘ah’
and all the stars and worlds were born
and ancient steps of time by law
ensued a caldron of life un scorn
then those with soul and heart became
entwined in union the word be ‘ah’
and soon a gift of child was born
so it was and so it be the power of ah
that even this sound in baby’s breath
da and ma and even God

:: 02-20-2014 ::


DEAR visitor I ask that you never assume
based on visual evidence that you consume
my age what you see — biologically

I am still within and maybe more —
arrested development in societal terms
but within the soul I am much more so

To dream of simple-that is earmarked youth
amazed am I in all I see — clearly believe
in me — thrives the little-see wondrously

Arrest the thought and hang upon me-say
what you do is what you are and how you live
I dream and think and love and see and wish to be…

the little boy who wonders and sees
in fantastical terms of ordinary things
and kiss-be the lovely life he shares with we!