Fourteen Days

Fourteen days have passed since you,
Took my heart and bid adieu,
Thunderclouds of sadness roll,
Applause of tears, I can’t control.

I saw myself in shattered glass,
My reflection twisted, a lass,
Picasso’s art, the shards in place,
A world turned upside down in space.

A purple brush, I took and ate,
Threw up on canvas, sealed my fate,
Cupid’s arrow, broken, lays,
Its victims left to mend their ways.

So to the garden, I retreat,
Among the Venus flytrap’s feet,
The leaves snap, a Bumblebee,
My wounded heart it stings with glee.

I couldn’t have met you, my dear,
Without this garden, I hold near,
My love and shyness, intertwined,
A fate like ours, hard to find.

These fourteen days, I’ll not forget,
Forever in my heart, a debt,
Even if I forget your face,
The memories of love embrace.

Someone called my heart “chained in hell,”
A word that stings, I know full well,
But I wish for time to explain,
My love, my heart, and all its pain.

:: 03.15.2023 ::

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