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i wish to be a word
for a day
to better understand
character & its prose
i suppose whatever
happened to
the mind outside
my Soul has freely
given up to be a word___
and what word would you be?
for me?

l o q u a c i o Us

:: 05.21.2020 ::


Hungry tongue keeps tasting
missing words and I keep writing,
“That that is is that that
is not is not that is it is it not:

So on this hot summer’s day I
threw in commas and spoke with
a fed tongue:

“That that is, is.  That that is not, is not.
That is it, is it not?”

And me and my mouth rejoiced without ever
eating the poisoned apple || God swore
and the devil danced, angels rejoiced
and whores and poor men laughed
like aborted children left inside a gutter

:: 06-20-2015 ::


WHO hates me?  scholars?
Sisters?  Brothers?
Mother? Father?
I write the words  of my heart and expect
no return!
I write the pain and pleasure
and never stop! I was a child
and then I grew up!  And now an
adult of dead children — not
me but you!!!  And who are you?
With your foundation of preconceived
poetry and I’m so sad to say
a meat puppet of academic
halls and you can tear down the
diploma of your years learning –>
try to make something NEW ON YOUR OWN:
and  then I’ll notice Y O U
—->>i PRAISE change AND FEAR
no-thing within institutions
and I’m living FREE –? ARE YOU!?

:: 06-11-2015 ::


IF wars were waged by words
in place of bombs and bullets
then wars would wage a battle
upon the countryside of Souls
— more than flesh or mind!
Who would victory embrace
if all our words were fear and hate?
No one my kindred spirit!

:: 10-18-2014 ::


AND if you strip away all the words
from all the world’s languages
still there be a way to express fear
and love and hate and pleasure

:: 02-20-2014 ::


THE HUMAN LANGUAGE is front-loaded
with the weaponry it requires
to destroy the bearer of any news


Between Language and Thought

Why do we
struggle for words
When the feelings
are clearly present?
An incongruity
between language
and thought.
To recover I say
allow the moment
to express itself
in manifested emotion;
A laugh, tears, smile or kiss.

Some things are best left

:: – ::