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SEXY untouchable woman
in her silk nun’s habit
One praying for God
the Other praying for Her
stuck her tongue in my mouth
while prostate i prayed
i creamed within my heavenly
prayers. She screamed.

:: 10.13.2021 ::


Rode upon a cloud through rain
right through stress and life
she guided me like i’m tears
washed away all my fears
say, ‘are you ready to ride?’
i said, ‘SHAMBHALA”
like children
when the halls lit life
within our souls oh wee!
oh yeah oh we
(in the rain wash away my shame)
saw the light in your eyes
and SHAMBHALA oh we sing
‘yeah yeah yeah’
how does God love
tell me, how does life
balance pain? Oh hey
,yeah, hey yeah oh well
it’s how well you live life
and everyone is lucky and kind
Oh wee oh yeah SHAMBHALA
we’re all children in His eyes

:: 10222015 ::


Oh Father give me patience
let me dream in love
and if someday clouds
part away let my heart
be near the sun
And Father i have pain
it gives me feet to move
across today
and whose castle walls
weep as doves fly above
let me move my eyes
there where i should
forgive the debt of life my Lord!
Smaller than the period
at the end of this

:: 07-27-2015 ::


WHAT faith
I have seen
from the young
to the elder
display a greatness
— in some
Empty have I been
for many a year
— then some

My message
to the One:
I forgive myself
— please come
the lonely thing
within is weak
— it withers
without your Light
Such blessings I pray
— visit me
this day and stay forever

:: 01-25-2014 ::