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(never should it be the same thing}
I ate the summer sky at night
bending reed and heart
shot the yellow jacket wing
tasted the poison of it’s sting
painted an image of my heart
upon the basin of the Mississippi
and I rode my soul all the way
across the bayou to the City
of Southern sin and drinking
the party that never ends
and I danced with the devil
and sang of Eros and Gomorrah
and god slapped my cheek
daisy faced women cried for me
as they watched my soul sink
back into the mud of the river
that rages within the heart of all
Praise the One who damns us
and the angels weep for all
and I dropped to my knees
wishing I never thought clear
where a world walks in haze
and all mother kill their babies
Is someone going to save us
is anybody going to save the world?
God? devil? Superman?
we need someone who loves
loves the filth of humanity

:: 10-03-2014 ::


born a rebel he screamed
his first words to the doctor:
this is a mistake make it go away!
so he was born with a mind
and took it everywhere he traveled
packing it in a grocery bag next
to his red-tagged soul
and the purple cabbage
Go away! Go away! You’re insane!
leaving home he took his womb
a shrived skin of plastic and a spoon
to feed the lawn animals and milk tooth
the priests exercised their will in him
tried to break the spirit and the spell
but their hands were too fast — Mother
she cried and the statues bled
this is all a mistake
make it all go away
Go away! Go away! Just go away!

:: 04-05-2014 ::


EVEN the Almighty
surprises Divinity
for His creation
is uncontrolled
and as  all great artists…
have no boundaries

:: 03-01-2014 ::


IT began not
with a grand plan
but within a fit
of utter despair
and the fury
of God-Light
consumed nothing
but gave all love

:: 03-01-2014 ::


THAT seventh heaven
today I died not in flesh
but in spirit so —
both I did in equal measure
’twas I just a step
from His throne

:: 02-28-2014 ::


What if love was free
and tears no more
and fear died alone
and children laughed
knowing life was theirs
to live as they wished

It isn’t so strange
believing in love
if you choose to
it’s inside us all
waiting for you
we could love all

I say dream a day
in which this wish
can come true
it’s above us
and so below
dream a dream

life so wondrous
nothing to die for
and nothing debited
just souls giving
a brotherhood loved
and dreams our friend

:: 02-25-2014 ::


IN the beginning the word was ‘ah’
and all the stars and worlds were born
and ancient steps of time by law
ensued a caldron of life un scorn
then those with soul and heart became
entwined in union the word be ‘ah’
and soon a gift of child was born
so it was and so it be the power of ah
that even this sound in baby’s breath
da and ma and even God

:: 02-20-2014 ::


LOVELY light sing your symphony
melt the disease of humanity away
cleanse my soul beyond reproach
so my Father finds me approachable
I have sinned many times I confess
but my heart in darkness I arrested
The crimes are that I am human
let the axe fall upon my neck
if such offense garners death
I praise you and the stellar beauty
of all you have created




WHAT faith
I have seen
from the young
to the elder
display a greatness
— in some
Empty have I been
for many a year
— then some

My message
to the One:
I forgive myself
— please come
the lonely thing
within is weak
— it withers
without your Light
Such blessings I pray
— visit me
this day and stay forever

:: 01-25-2014 ::


COLORS of confetti and streamers of dreams
won’t you let me taste your joyous laughter
I have a machine so shiny and wondrous
let me land it here and enjoy your city

What would your world say if I spoke hello
shatter economies — making it harder for the Pope
The message I want to give goes against the grain
So I have to say just flow with the moment – I’ll go

But I want to stay for a while
and spread my love to the world
but remember I do what you did —
to the last one who landed here