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i hear the squeaky oil engine of life
a nature-machine of thin-throat
that feathered soul upon a tree
she beat-notes my heart today

eye beads of soul beyond know
there, that branch she grips
a heart of heat and love
sing my angel-tiny-one

a tickle-note nickel throw
upon the silver heart cup
her song kisses my lips
and falls into my heart

The weather was grand
today I see blue
and placed my tiny soul
within her Sparrow nest

:: 07-17-2014 ::


I shed my tears
and night skin
that moon too
and all along
lonely voices
sing to me

“You filthy child
born of poverty
what good are you”

I hung my head
and shoved along
followed my tears
gutters love pity
but angels sang
“lovely one, child…”

Oh, love come soon!
a gentle hand is good
but the eye of pity
burns through my soul!
I am a little boy
and children hurt too

I wither in denial
and alone, what are tears
if my love is ignored
what is a poor child to do
if my smiles are ignored
humanity has many hearts…

one to love
another to hate
then again —
the killer is you
and my blood
drips from your hands

Oh, love deny
the beasts in life
and gather here
within my lonely heart
a kiss from heaven
mother-love come soon

:: 04-13-2014 ::


mother dear lover
who distilled
such fear between
my life and love
i share with you
a tea cup of leaf
and read the bottom
portent futures bleed
a separation of life
mother i loved you
but your womb
has no vacant sign

:: 04-04-2014 ::


THE lie so gel and tick
centuries upon centuries
a timeless tatoo upon soul
we were lost in that time
who we are so goddamn grand
but those Ones who watch
afraid of our very souls
at their touch could erase all
the contempt for that source
of war and faminine and death
i am no longer human but animal
cornered and challenged to a point
i shall risk all to gain what lost

:: 03-22-2014 ::


FATHER, oh father where were you
my crib is destroyed by time
and clothing many sizes bigger
and scars upon my heart and soul
that list many write of loss
too lengthy for me to scribe
some memory still exists —
imagery through thick glass
once I believed I be born
but now reside in resolve —
you were never birthed nor lived
and me by mother —

:: 03-14-2014 ::


I saw some things as a kid, yes I did.
Born in Texas and moved to Louisiana
when my mother had enough of the beatings
from her drug-crazed musician of a husband.
I have to tell you that my dad was a racist.
He didn’t trust people of white skin but
I had no idea about his failings at that
early of age 0-5.  I only knew one brand
of skin under his roof and it was non-white
to ebony.  He was a womanizer too and
I didn’t know that he should not have
taken me along his rides on Sunday
to the ‘ball game’ when in fact he was
seeing some young beautiful woman
downtown Houston.  She would always
give me a kiss on the cheek.  Her
language was Spanish but I didn’t
understand a speck of her words but
did understand her touching my dad.

Mom moved to the swampland which
was very fitting for her and us
boys.  There are some places in
Louisiana that truly never see the
ray of sun due to the foliage
and Spanish Moss.  She smothered
many years of our youth in this
bayou avenue of murky brown waters
that mixed with voodoo and spirits
that to this day have no clear name.
The tales to tell are too many
even for a prolific writer — if
he may ever come to the table
to write about those nebulous
images and scents and emotions.
But there are a few things that I
can write about and it deals with
the most diseased and hateful
thing under the sun.  Prejudice.
I saw it first-hand in the 1960s,
and was a part of the victims
albeit not so much as my friends
of darker color who still reside
within the bayou land.  I saw
it and witnessed it all in full-

I really don’t think there’s enough
whiskey or wine or even drugs to
open that door for my keyboard.
It is a vile thing to see fellow
humans this way and I am disgraced
by my association with humanity.

We are all children under one roof.
And we all have only one Father.
I hope he returns home soon.
There’s a reckoning to be hand.
Sooner than later I pray.

:: 02-24-2014 ::


the face of a future
(c) E.P. Robles 2011

FATHER this be the only prose
that I shall ever write to thee
more than you gave ever to me

What crumbs left in youth
nothing more than nightmare
such memory that I dreamed

And when you beat the heart
of the woman who bore me
I let my soul break away

You — arrested development
such a weak excuse to me
the reason is more —

Your soul is rotten
and decays within the core
not one bird would eat you

Now I know and I praise because
if not for you I would never know
the woman is stronger than the cock

So prance along weathered bird
no tree too short for your talon
and leave alone my precious heart

:: 02-03-2014 ::

[Definition ‘cock‘]


THE abyss of the maternal
from which we spring forth
the deepest love eternal

:: 01-25-2014 ::


WHAT faith
I have seen
from the young
to the elder
display a greatness
— in some
Empty have I been
for many a year
— then some

My message
to the One:
I forgive myself
— please come
the lonely thing
within is weak
— it withers
without your Light
Such blessings I pray
— visit me
this day and stay forever

:: 01-25-2014 ::


YES I confess it all!
Lost am I in detritus shall
nature is such a pansy
I could blame her all
but clearly it is me
whose weakness — the stalk
my flower falls

I seek the single note
ivory key opens me
ebony be my fantasy
carry me away fluidly
carnival ride waves
dreamy rivulets be
tragic tone keeps me

Life is mother
— mother ate me
me so silently
— strength beneath
her layers of skin
smothered me
Her baby I’ll always be

Love-me kiss-me
smother-me hug-me
melt me womb-be

:: 01-22-2014::