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Easy is a go by-night silence
deeply throated green tiny-eye’d
orchestra give my heart it’s a’
rhythm bass beating soul and
buzzing stinging thin-wing’d
mosquitoes be’a (do i say?)
agreeing with my soul all down
my legs through my knees with the
Mississippi mud between my toes

My broken gui’tar sings so
lonely the moss fall’in (by
voodoo grounds) around me
the old Creole city lay across
this old swamp naturally surprised
cause my fingers keep’a playing
it be -cause slaves danced with
blood and sorrow all the way
from West Indies to New Orleans

Dying, as almost I did watching
the Voodoo Queen she ain’t a stopping
her dancing until a minute be’fo
sunrise and it’s still’a raining
like yellow-pink cotton fruit
Marie Laveau stop yo’ hatin’g
gonna sick yo dead husband on you
The poor Jacques Paris had his
newly wedded wife a’calling herself
the, ‘Widow Paris.’

so goes it when the swamp sings
uh huh!

:: 12152015 ::


I WAS walking with the devil
yeah, on a hot summer’s night
said to me things not heard
in the light of human-day

Moss-throat stuffed my voice
gator breath stole my soul
up yonder is the pearly gate
but you ain’t got the gold

— can’t enter it today
Says I, “cry me a river”
baby, cry me a river
of blood and tears today

Ain’t that the way honey
when the river flows
— it flows the other way
So we be going and going

Across the river’s way
going to make our way
through the night and day
sweat our soul like nothing
until tomorrow’s day-ya!



THAT southern air
and voices in the moss
where damp shadow feeds soil
for the small things
on the muddy banks of bayou
— such girls bask in the humid sun drink
that softens the glare

Gently floating pirogues
gliding through brown-green
waters —
some fisherman smiles at taunt fishing lines
oh majestic tragic enchanted world — sings Canjun
although high-tech peppers the air and ground
her spirits remain above and below and evenly round

Sunrise greets
those wonderous
Great Egrets —
gliding on golden light
and sunsets bring
such mysterious
to vibrant hearts