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My Words are Gold My Intentions Whacked

AND everyday i’m cool — if i can have your attention
please: if i rest a moment near the well of despair  
wishing young heart’s clean skin like jesus postal fire
my needle: LIKE FATHER’s STEP-FATHER SUN BLOWS!  Such fear!
Yeah yeah oh fuck yeah so stuck in dark heart-break love
wail upon the heart and guitar strings : walking around
so cute grabbing screws and how i hate how Jerry Lewis laughs
when soviet union wants to destroy us (Beaver’s mom sucked
the reason I cannot walk right for a few days)
   Oh! Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In has
perky tits and Mary Tyler Moore
   abandoned her kids:  kill the
messenger carrying kool-aid to Uganda
for that sick reverend:  i love U S of A
and even the world — don’t care about that
i’m a poet who describes the world with words
     —  sure, that’s it.
sure, now in 2020’s we’re animals antelope
without stomachs but butterflies of lies
and France we saved oh wait — the whole fucking world
but your teachers are showing titties instead of teaching
how many of us lost lives so we can dip and rip and trip
and get on a mic and spit ~ so funny, when you’re forty
you’ll see how every single person is a ghost that stands up

  We’re all the real ones
     fathers and mothers
  children and creatures
 who fought to speak shady.

Come on.

:: 09-02-2015 ::


Easy is a go by-night silence
deeply throated green tiny-eye’d
orchestra give my heart it’s a’
rhythm bass beating soul and
buzzing stinging thin-wing’d
mosquitoes be’a (do i say?)
agreeing with my soul all down
my legs through my knees with the
Mississippi mud between my toes

My broken gui’tar sings so
lonely the moss fall’in (by
voodoo grounds) around me
the old Creole city lay across
this old swamp naturally surprised
cause my fingers keep’a playing
it be -cause slaves danced with
blood and sorrow all the way
from West Indies to New Orleans

Dying, as almost I did watching
the Voodoo Queen she ain’t a stopping
her dancing until a minute be’fo
sunrise and it’s still’a raining
like yellow-pink cotton fruit
Marie Laveau stop yo’ hatin’g
gonna sick yo dead husband on you
The poor Jacques Paris had his
newly wedded wife a’calling herself
the, ‘Widow Paris.’

so goes it when the swamp sings
uh huh!

:: 12152015 ::


New Orleans I return
for just a moment
to kiss the witch I know
and drink and eat blood
A most mysitcal place
and most enlightened
spot for me to frolic
Five days from now
Prepare yor proper
I come warlock fashion

:: 03-01-2014 ::


HEY mystery girl
where do you
come from?
I come from
the land of
a hidden world
You can reach me
through a rising moon

Who do-you voodoo
tonight girl?
I could should-you
fool-you tonight
Baby gonna make
me forget it all
She gonna burn
the pain from my land

Where do you plan
to go tonight girl?
I’m gonna spread
all my love tonight
Where you gonna
start my love?
Gonna start right
there in your heart

She gonna make me
— all right
Piece me
— all back
together this night
Go ahead voodoo girl
gotta make sure
you get it right