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and i say the gator can snap
yes ma’am that’s what i’m saying
today the sun can burn it all
yes’um burn all of this ragged man
cause when the moon shows up
i’ll be three sheets to the wind
that’s a prayer for all of you
so bring over your long legs
so i can survive little girl
so bring over that halo a bit tarnished
all i’m saying is you stole my soul
and with my pink cadillac
you drove me outta
my poor soul little woman

:: 08-30-2015 ::


Today it was the, “short-sharp” pains
of a 5th Avenue-dressed-like soul catcher
that teased my spirit to life.  Tomorrow
I believe the Southern attire with bare teeth;
a Mississippi-mud soul variety who will greet
me.  The crickets have clamped their thorax-
heart and swamp frogs bellied up in boiling
bayou of THAT ONE.  There’s still Southern

:: 03-23-2015 ::


New Orleans I return
for just a moment
to kiss the witch I know
and drink and eat blood
A most mysitcal place
and most enlightened
spot for me to frolic
Five days from now
Prepare yor proper
I come warlock fashion

:: 03-01-2014 ::


I WAS walking with the devil
yeah, on a hot summer’s night
said to me things not heard
in the light of human-day

Moss-throat stuffed my voice
gator breath stole my soul
up yonder is the pearly gate
but you ain’t got the gold

— can’t enter it today
Says I, “cry me a river”
baby, cry me a river
of blood and tears today

Ain’t that the way honey
when the river flows
— it flows the other way
So we be going and going

Across the river’s way
going to make our way
through the night and day
sweat our soul like nothing
until tomorrow’s day-ya!