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IT is midnight; somewhere a storm has
overshadowed a Soul, in others, the storm
is a brilliant reprieve of false peace;
and words pour as molten gold.

A richness of undetermined wealth measured
by Spirit and not human needs.

I have become equal to fear and peace —
this i discovered with my never-closing eyes,
take away this discovery and many others
to share with all fellows. The proof of
existence is a blood-penned period at the
end of a written sigh.

And i write this previous sentence in honor
of Isidore Lucien Ducasse.

To discover your feelings have died and
the skin is a roof for a cemetery! This
pain causes me to pull upon my eyes until
they fall to the ground; and to realize
sympathy is a symphony of sensitive angels
who love us all.

To me; i love you. To everyone else, you
have been my teacher.

:: 04-16-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019

The Lover In a Hailstorm

mind, running heart
and dimmed eyes,
I once loved
a beautiful soul
who became
my life only to fold
and crease
my heart squared neatly:
Her lips spoke without
words and mine too,
like dying petals in
a dark hailstorm!
I saw within her eyes
a thank you
and then the spark gone!
and the hell storm
never ceased;
tearing petals from
all the world’s flowers!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


THAT tear i wish to be

so pure a true drop-see

an innocent expression

so true conjured from me

made piece sad apple bite

my heels burn in stiletto

but my dress falls neatly

a walk from here to there

but ageless stares see

each frame-flash desire

numb-we my-soul-be always

i wish a rain to dance in

just me and cloud-thunder

that only an eye-God see

What I am inside always


:: 04-15-2014 :


unceasing fear
like falcon-clutched throat
belies my appearance in light

On the surface —
no ripple
beneath the veil
a crashing winter ocean

To be…
one wave short
of a shipwreck
— without rescue boat

Abandon deck
all below
we sink
with mast and sail

Who cries
for the lost
at sea — the gulls shriek
beneath the tides —
the souls