Daily Archives: April 19, 2014


I was alone in my mind
walking lonely roads
through my dreams
and nightmares of life
Until I saw you

then again you said
‘this road leads to a dead end’
So I said to myself I’d go
down the darkest path
it has a stench of death
and in my heart I knew

my life’s journey was death

A Black Death holds
no disgrace so I’m told
a restful place for some
I wish away our pain

and in summer days I feel
in the light of truthful pain
and my heart melts away
a sad story of two lovers

That Black Death holds
a truth of love and hate
It eats away the light
a light of love and rein

Black Death smiles
and sings a song
for those who long
for true love and life

Black Death come
take me away
away into darkness
and forever let me —

remember love and light

And the sun and life
Just the ice of your touch
l should be a soulless one
but love I wish you to come

:: 04-18-2014 ::