Daily Archives: April 2, 2014


I saw a reason today
to walk into a war
and she said it’s okay
and I went for family

and i was a brave heart
and mortars fell beside me
and the day never ended

one day I took a phone call
and she said today my dear
something has changed
and it’s my heart

I took bullets and death
and my dream was for you
and the children at your feet

she used to love me a lot
and I remember the good times
and prayed it’s not too late
to start again to start again

but her bullets tore through me
and her war was more than that
where i was sitting that day
and today i am a casaulty

she used to love me
yes, she once loved me
but the war is now won

I gave it my best shot
but love is an enemy at best
and God has His plan for life

:: 04-02-2014 ::


I went to an estate sale
and found the love of ages
and she was dead but alive
and my life fell into her

and I rode that drive
the rode of evermore
and the past became
it became my now

Your fashion so high
not like the plastic
those girls who think
a woman is a label

and I ride and walk
and walk and ride
and the road is long
and the end is never

I sang a song today
but the night claims
the words I sing tonight
and the day weeps now

I say, “so la la la la”
and the devils cry
and the angels bow

tonight we ride ages
and time is ours girl
and from dirt to flesh
tonight a breath for you

:: 04-02-2014 ::


My angle visited me just today
and she brought along her tricks
and they blew me away this day

She held within her hand
a butterfly so beautiful
and it spread it’s wings

and my soul-field covered
in her love butterflies
and Van Gogh died today

Today I saw my paint dry
and the canvas prayed
never let that brush go

Today, my hat I tipped
that soul a flavor gold
and I said…

fly on angel
fly through my skies
fly with my colors

My brush I threw away
a painter is a hand
but she’s my heart

:: 04-02-2014 ::


TIME and again I see you
along a sidewalk of memory
and i step across that path
we use to walk and i feel
your hand holding mine
but i realize it’s all just…

a memory that will not die
and walk of what was lost
and each step i take
is two steps back

so now i know
    what dreams
that should never be

it’s just a memory of

what was lost…

:: 04-02-2014 ::


And would the sun shine more coldly
if the light within my soul dimmed?
and would the song of birds mute
if my voice became a silence?
within you would feeling die?
and if the eyes from which I see
would shut close forevermore
would life be a darkness for you?
these things I do not know dear
because no longer do humans write
ink upon paper that be sent forth
so my well of ink is dry and thoughts
If mere words some more poetic be
that could stir the heart of you
then love me more than what words say
and let Heaven count the numbers
I’ve a field to walk and dig the ground
and the sun is fair today dear love
today the grace of nature be with me

:: 04-02-2014 ::


My hands met my face
a flung emotion
in place of terror
a comfort for my soul

when i saw your state
my compass broken
and needle spun
when dark meet light

My hands met my face
the fingers dove
inside my tender soul
when I saw your grace

a walk in the fire
burns many and so
but not your spirit
and my hands quiver

:: 04-02-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles

I was walking my walk-about
just clicking time
upon my heels on Earth
and there came to me
not from within you see
but from the clouds
a voice from heaven

listen soul tread softly
and never turn around
devil hounds are running
as long as you don’t see
mind your journey ahead
and they’ll let you be

I’m just clicking my heels
one step at a time
minding my own business

Miles I’ve gone and more
and my feet so sore
but that sign ahead
says to me a detour

But I can’t leave my path
there’s just too much to see
and that sign is a mirage
so I’ll keep clicking my heels

I’m walking the road of life

:: 04-02-2014 ::


Inner song
bring me soul
a tune i sing

one so old
that when first sang
before the sun

and angels danced
a circle they ran
around the space

where lay Earth

Inner song sing to me
a sweet-tooth tune
pick up my shadow

and show me light

and angels dance
they circle me too
around the space
where lay my soul

:: 04-02-2014 ::


just love-
no hope    or harm
a splendid death
luscious little
a tongue bit

orchestra   play close    to me!

desire came last
night — a fearless fire
that mystical touch did you
and now i am not here longer
a balloon rose burst

and queer —
time and space between
no fear     it has died
in place   the kiss
that love gives

:: 04-01-2014 ::


Piece_No_17-110811 - Scentless Apprentice
(c) E.P. Robles

there were orange sherbet skies

a blanket of deep blue waves

and a white beach comforter too


I said to you my dear lover

let this be a dream for life

and never awake me or you


and i want you to know

deep within my heart

i never want you to go


let’s play with the water

and sing with the dolphin

i comb your hair with a shell


and darling never awake

dream upon my tan shoulder

and i will kiss you forever


:: 04-01-2014 ::