Daily Archives: April 4, 2014


confession: my life is emotion
more than words which i write
that emotion speaks to me
more clearly than the tongue
and a written word- better

a feeling sometimes, a little
just a kitten needing milk
and others, a beast untamed
nothing can stay it’s rage
a prisoner am i; a soul cage

emotionmy dwelling hole
and at times the mountain peak
but often a middle ground —
therefore when you speak to me
know i am feeling each word

that, emotion speaks to me
more clearly than the tongue
and a written word- better

:: 04-04-2014 ::


nature states
what natural being

that season of pause
between sunrise

[sunsets, come last?]

and tending maturity: a role

berates the youthful[ness]

that life, takes a toll

not of spirit but body

:: 04-04-2014 ::


I dressed my shadow
in the finest clothes
so sorrowful I was
many a year to see
how darkly it wore
the fallen light of my soul

and we took a tour
through Brussels
and rode a train
toward ancient history
and my shadow cried
to see a blue whale
beached up in a tree
and a cat caught in a wave

and so many people dead
walking like their shadows

and my shadow gave back
the fine clothes it wore
and said living light was more
than what a shadow could bare
and he seeped back down there

today the sun is hidden
behind a little black spot
even the sun has a shadow
and life is fine for light reins

:: 04-03-2014 ::


a light I held within my hands
no more than a firefly lit
but it burned so brightly
and lit two souls afire
that light grew o’er time
and replaced my sun
and each night it lay
next to the lonely moon
I slept beneath your light
that which we shared
and in mornings awoke
and basked in that fire
fresh mountain air stir
a mixture running brooks
now your firefly has flown
but I still have the moon
and each midnight dreams
of that fire we once shared
my love I keep the fire
and one day my firefly too
shall fly away toward Heaven
and I bring our fire with me

:: 04-03-2014 ::


skinny-tight mini-skirt android
carrying silver platter dreams
Vince Camuto Kain pumps
as red as that heart in me
a blue diet elixir — so hot
keeps me young today
and that velvet pill
made of machine parts
too small for the eye to see
erases the wounds
and clears my brain
heals my wounds today
since he’s gone I can laugh
and hysterics are my friend
since he’s gone
my android — what a friend!

:: 04-03-3215 ::