Daily Archives: April 1, 2014


I walk a road alone if I do
what road do you walk – alone
and if we agree in love
then what road we walk
what may save us is you
and me and love and that road

ideology and passion for life
is what measures a slice
a political move not my belief

monopoly of political defense
is not what I subscribe to
its about our children too

In a night billions will die
and Leaders have no defense
and the Spirit has left

That view of life is rot
and defused is common sense
and life a singular defense

There’s no such thing as …
a political move in life
when children believe in you

and I sing an anthem of love
and earth and life and  God
when humans have the choice

to live a life of love
or burn the paradise
given by God and Love

:: 03-31-2014 ::


How do we meet on the heat-road of this dead-end girl
where the moon shies away and the owl scatters
my boots have a tar-goo so hard to clean this night
what could you say to me to make it all the worth?

Sir, I saw a sinner who stared into my eyes – nights ago
and he woke up the love and passion this night
I have nothing more to give or say tonight to you tonight
the ocean sings to you in a shell
and the bird tweets a tune to your heart
and a rising world of color brings you love

Yes, that is it…
I wish to forsake the bloodshed
and all the grief

I say that love – love is a wave
it’s a seventh wave of love
and drown in that wave ripple

But hate and grief pinches me
and my heart and body sir
is a fragile fabric in life

Lovely soul come to me then
I will remedy the error of life
in a bite you will be saved

and love and tooth saves
and hatred abated for time
and space and philosophy

We share the same Father
and believe me when I say
I hope He Loves me and you

:: 03-31-2014 ::


We were humanity born in the sixties
and lost our faith through the filth
and watched our life arrested in surrender
and saw social fabric erode in methodology
once taught by Marx and Lennin and didn’t know
that the fire burned beneath my feet until
I felt the fire burn my soul and then I knew
a generation — skipped through the cradle
and upon the faces of my children
and then I was angry at the socio-paths
those angry maladjusted criminals
who deny individuality and hard work
that they think government knows truth
a flip-flop of cosmic proporations
the ones — little filth – who demand
control of a festered dream of filth
To wish that they take away liberty
and freedom and self-governance
Fuck you

:: 03-31-2014 ::