Daily Archives: April 20, 2014


And what say we
tomorrow that sun
a window and beyond
the blue jay sings
inside my bed
my own nest so warm
and there besides
my heart, thee
my hands touch
the promised land
and her dessert lips
burn my soul
together a sun
and glow that shines
so brightly that day
is dim compared
we together
that heavenly nest

:: 04-20-2014 ::


Here I was reading Andre Breton
and got up to get a glass of water
upon returning to my room I saw
myself still in bed
the horror upon my face
so I fled —
downstairs to the couch
where I placed my hands upon
my face the mouth still in horror
and then the front door opened
and I saw my face over there
and the horror of our stares
to see my self at the door
and my self saw me on the couch

I sat down with myself
we had much to discuss

:: 04-20-2014 ::