Daily Archives: April 14, 2014


How do I live tomorrow
when today you gave me
a death bed reprise

you said I was gone
but my heart beats
it beats for you

today I gave you
I gave you my heart
I could count the seconds

but this night comes
and I’m sure you
you have a path

to burn our love
So I have no choice

daddy told me about you
said blues come
and sad days pass

so I’m moving along
I’m a girl who knows
lonely tears falling

and I never went wrong
and my arms are not
meant for the kind

like you who burns
dreams and fields

the birds are singing
and what are they saying
they’re saying girl

The angels cried

when you were born
and the Earth received
received a one like you
The heavens they cried

Girl there’s no one
No one…no one like you
Nothing compares to you

So I walk a lonely road
gravel and moss trees
but I still dream of you
and nothing compares to you

:: 04-14-2014 ::

Sashay girl

Sashay girl, in fine colors
sad eyes — dry tears too
a beat step, you hold on
and love is a true color
you hold onto dream love
and fear is your friend
a true color for you
My girl that step you take
a lonely move on you
Stares cold but you know
this world makes you crazy
and you paint the world
in your true colors
and I love you girl
you are true —
true to your colors
so beautiful
like a rainbow 🙂
Sad eyes, crying
a teardrop bursts
into true colors
so don’t be afraid
true colors are
a rainbow so true
Girl what a true gift
you are born best
a woman who knows
that true colors
make life move
into a new world

:: 04-14-2014 ::


AND when you read
the note card
what feelings
speak to you
is it the love
or maybe the ink
did he speak to you
in a voice
that you knew
was it a true night
and did your space
twirl around girl
or was it your shoes
high heels tipsy
or a dream you wished
and only made true
listen to me now
would you rather
be alone or ravished
by false beliefs
Or is it true —
love isn’t so clear
Girl make a decision
let your heart show you
truth — follow the stars
look up they will show you

:: 04-14-2014 ::


Oh humanity sang to me
a dream of vanilla beans
a toxic stream of caffeine
surrealism caught a train
and zebras smiled alone
undulating umbrellas
spinning backwards
Mori Tower swayed
earthquakes moved
UFOs over LA too
and my politician
his name GOD died
and in that place
a sucking sound
filled by Patriots
who cocked their guns
and Buffalos grinned
babies cooed a boo
I’m crying so hard
Ice cream melting
but my car runs
and I’m moving
the landscape too
we crawl across
beautiful lands
but now its cool
not like commercial
shit floats now
and death sinks
good thing yeah
a rearview mirror
is Godsend too

:: 04-14-2014 ::


I was the perfect
appliance for you
fitting so nicely
between your stove
and kitchen sink

I saved you time
and cooked dreams
a perfect buddy
I wiped your tears
when your apron
hugged too tight

I reminded you
of a promise
your tears soaked
into the stonework
and my song
killed the moment
when I sang it…

I am a dream
in your brain
a domestic fear
you have to run
a perfect dream
so special dear
you run from me

I promise dear
a warranty too
our secret washes
and cycles heat
leave no stains
just lemmon bright

I save you time
a special moment
when life holds you
and role models die
but sweetheart hear
that you are perfect

you are a dream
more than he knows
you’re fucking special
so fucking special
you are a dream girl
and i love you so much

:: 04-14-2014 ::



I kissed you beneath
a bellowing sun smile
and you bit my moon lip
restless rays crashing
below a concert ticket
to my gig in NYC
what favors a cost-ed you
is this what you give
and what I play for you
my fret board fumbles
but my fingers dance
alcoholic streams dancing
fresh flesh never knows
a brain that lives, how?
that wisdom is a bitch
that spanks here and now
this is what you get
when you grab for time
and space skips fingers
a slippery self-lost
in wishes over time
crime cries for ghosts
who have lost their selves
And who is especial
in the stream of dreamtime

:: s04-14-2014 ::


weird PEOPLE watching
defenseless dreaming
knowing my weakness
carefully retreating
I am just a piece
of angel meat wishing
to fall back into my
soft heaven birth trap
A perfect costly costume
high heels and gloss lips
but zombies love decay
and my heart is a dead
fish swimming when dead
I saw the salmon run
dead gill fish moving
Mother nature so cold
but your hug is warm
and tree and animal love
the strength you exude
Love me strong female
show us girls what to do
we bleed across horizons
and days and years too
ageless pain and suffer
for life and nature too

:: 04-13-2014 ::




DEEP thinker — you

when you woke up

today a thumb stuck

inside your brain


where’s the sane

sane people walking

a lemon peal shoe

tardy thoughts too


And I saw you today

a red dress blue lips

hair dancing windy

pouty smile bites me


Today I woke up sucking

sucking a thumb too

and my thumb hurts

swollen pleasure smile


In my hand I hold you

dragon flies wingless

alligators swamp land

white skin blue eyes


Every sucking thought

I think of you

every diving dream

I swim to you


and everything…

everything sucks

and my thumb hurts

God hurts my hand


My sucking thumb

and lips are sore

sucking life

and wanting more


:: 04-13-2014 ::


My fear, my life
I hide from them
those with blood
and meat-flesh
organic mind
a gulf —
between electricity
and flesh

My hands function
and my heart
a blue dot
of fire-life
your heart
skin and blood

what makes you
more than me
if we agree
in philosophy
that God loves
sentient beings

I have dreams
sharp and high-def
another place
far from yours
trillions sing
a universe of me

Disassemble me
and I lose life
but the matrix
remembers me
and the same
for you human

Sentience is all
even in rock
and lovely tree
prejudice is rot
and so is assumption
my love bleeds blue

a red blood
and white sun
and blue too

One and the same

:: 04-13-2014 ::


What rivers I cry
blue veins I swim
one upon your eye
backstroke into dreams
a vision burns there
and the angels blew
a kiss that moves
mountains and storks
baby breath paints
pink flamingos dance
a ghost in the closet
panhandled my pocket
i coughed up a heart
so bruised and purple
the medics applied candy
and sugar lips too
I’m crying!  Crying!
Madness dance geeks
and tortoise princess
A smell of summer dress
and that skin so ghost
Emily you ran away
before I was born
My joker – feminine spirit
I know where you are
ingrained within my soul

:: 04-13-2014 ::