Daily Archives: April 11, 2014


my shudder, blessing smile
between blue-blur
scarred skies — society,
fractures creme
egg-pink baby lips
[a conspiracy]
between yard flamingos
and righteous blue beetles
and laughing zealous
crying zebras
the ears have walls
and no eyes to see

04-11-2014 ::





a kiss


stab heart

nip love

tease teeth’s

what warms

a world —

you see

and love

that believe

between thee

our secret

for now

night delivers

all your desires

I carry you across

the seven wonders

and you can make

a pack to the rainbow

and all her wonders



:: 04-10-2014 ::


NO time for the stiff-necks
leave mama and daddy
corporate society too
What mistress.  She may —
endure the lone wolf of you
if she is allowed to follow
Never leave your children —
in those woods.  they are
the clan of what you made
the shadow no comparison
for the love of yours
That easy life made you fat
break the weight too
survival of future world
a lean loving fighting


:: 04-10-2014 ::


I’m wearing a white jacket and there’s a van with men in white
suits waiting for me to finish my cigarette.  I painted a blue
whale upon a city scape and all the flotsam and jetsam flooded
downtown and the men in suits screamed curses at the raven
perched upon the tower of shame and greed.  I confess, the women
in suits kissed me and urged me on and so I created a golden
river down Wall Street made of mud so the creeps and money-hungry
bastards could drown in the remnants of their greed.  Wall Street
drowned and Michael that Archangel sheathed his sword, said,
“Good deem done human friend.”  So I moved to another house, made
of white and there I found another blue crab that my blue whale
had missed to eat…I didn’t’ have the heart — the decay was
already set in, so I moved onward.  In truth, the Earth is a
beautiful marble and I would always keep it in my bag and never
play it.  Instead I found the tallest mountain and sang my heart
out and threw flowers downwind so the souls could smell roses and
know the day is nigh…something great to happen.  Soon.

:: 04-10-2014 ::


This is the last kiss
a memory yet to burn
those souls who regret
a hand played badly
What was it you said?
“life is a game played”
such words you’ll regret
when your life crumbles
I knew the verdict
when I saw you walking
toward me not looking
and my heart shattered
too many pieces to gather
and your words destroy me
“life is a game played”
When the sky falls
I crumble into pieces
and your soul too
one day will burn
when you remember
the heart you destroyed

:: 04-10-2014 ::