Daily Archives: April 15, 2014


THAT tear i wish to be

so pure a true drop-see

an innocent expression

so true conjured from me

made piece sad apple bite

my heels burn in stiletto

but my dress falls neatly

a walk from here to there

but ageless stares see

each frame-flash desire

numb-we my-soul-be always

i wish a rain to dance in

just me and cloud-thunder

that only an eye-God see

What I am inside always


:: 04-15-2014 :


In my dream i rode a wave
not one made of ocean
but that of heavenly
love — that quenches me
and i touched the skin
not of human but so much more
she had daises in her hair
and a smile of sunlight too
we decided to run down there
where the road forks in two
and ran toward the woods
where the love-green hide

the trees from the forest
what do you see in life
that before you is a dream
but greater is the forest

Love is an ocean and sun
and passion that green forest
flowers flotsam and candy
jetsam between love and life

Oh I wish for that beach!
where life can dig toes-sand
and umbrella laughter song
a salty wind caressing us!

:: 04-15-2014 ::


baby eye — so sad and quiet
you sit there in a bundle
and i can hear your breathing
and what heart beats there
a honey-soul to be loved
or one that conquerors

I sat beneath a tree
when i carried you there
and prayed to God
let this one be great
and move hearts —
a ladybug kissed me

I fell into a sleep
and watched your words
and that pen wrote
beautiful poetry too
tears of both sides
that coin always spinning

baby eye — so sad and quiet
your feet pink and tiny too
and those angel-lips pouty
what words will you write
another language angelic script
the first word — coo

so beautiful like the wind
so true like summer colors
a kiss from you is heaven
so i sit here beneath the tree
and kiss the heavens in bliss
its your true colors and words

:: 04-15-2014 ::


my eyes — my Creator!
what have i seen —
that Glory within reach
those humble broken hopes
that golden binding Promise
my eyes, what have i seen
no word, expression-be
i see that horizon and over
across the rainbow of love
that Promise not just for-eye

:: 04-15-2014 ::


i tripped across
your ruby shoe
my clumsiness
begged forgiveness

and into that lush
bed of hopeful flowers

i tripped again
your blossom cherries
into heaven that purpose
faith is that forgiveness

and into that paradise
hand-in-hand we walked

:: 04-15-2014 ::


there is no other feeling

like stone-cold loneliness

a bundled-grasp of fingers

around that tender beatings

what bruised hearts do

more than pumping blood —

attempting a release

that grasp of desolation

upon life’s countryside


:: 04-15-2014 ::


When now-fear comes
my fear-now becomes
that shadow form[less]
before a sunrise
do flowers at night
sleep before dawn
fear always sleepless
but love a lullaby
it sleep-rocks a heart

:: 04-15-2014 ::