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MY mind (because it taught me) loves me

Who minds when lies are sugar coated

Within all my ruin it called me lovely

I never begged for mercy when my face

turned blue

because the most sincerest liar is the


Laughing with a straight jacket on

for dinner as a bug within my ear

said it all;  no one has a choice

but to accept free will so we all

sing along, “oh eh oh eh where’d

I ever go wrong?”

:: 08-20-2017 ::


In a great-small thing of no size but larger than zero I placed a bag of velvet life roughly the length of a rocky-road mile and away it dissolved into the infinitely smallness of my LifeBag and I shed a ghostly tear — the ones that never jump from the wornEyes of dying cultures but those dried eyeballs found on summer-baked roads for hungry vultures. I said, “farewell my dreams and fears and may your journey into oblivion be as pleasant as your stay within my soul.”

:: 09-02-2014 ::


There you were, locked
in a wintry summer
that long cold
volcanic winter
by Mount Tambora

You spewed German
ghost stories
by German-French tongue
Your th ou ghts

by the silky touch
of cold
a kiss from abyss
to heart

And you, Mary!
Born the Modern Prometheus!

And what say you, maker!
Mot of the clay of monster
but the soul within!?!

A brilliant mind of prose
Imagination beyond the horror
you created that day

A literary monster itself!
No thing that dispose!

:: 08-21-2014 ::


The Great Eye within
your closet never blinks
and the knob hardly
turned by your hand
but your life-clothes
need a change today
and the Great Eye
awaits your opening
the door for a change
it’s stare sees all ‘you’
and there’s nothing
you can do to hide
when you open that door
to the closet of your life

:: 07-07-2014 ::


A tiny slice
of quietness
just a slither
upon my plate
— too small
for most to
is all I need
that my soul
and spirit

:: 04-13-2014 ::


skinny-tight mini-skirt android
carrying silver platter dreams
Vince Camuto Kain pumps
as red as that heart in me
a blue diet elixir — so hot
keeps me young today
and that velvet pill
made of machine parts
too small for the eye to see
erases the wounds
and clears my brain
heals my wounds today
since he’s gone I can laugh
and hysterics are my friend
since he’s gone
my android — what a friend!

:: 04-03-3215 ::


I, within the flat and dry plains
could see clearly into eternity
but a day unbeknownst to me
the sudden violent weather —
no fraternity, but came to be
The skies cracked my spirit
and bolt-light my soul
this for five long years
the rain — incessant winds
and on a day of certain death
the sun became my friend again
and in the distance the storm went

:: 03-20-2014 ::


Golden girl starlight heart
shooting fire across life
burning embers lit my heart
I am consumed by your fire
a loving flame reborn me
the Phoenix I kissed this night
and we both stand ready now
to return those fiery embers
upon my knee I await thee
hush, no need to hurry now
I adore the fire within my hands

:: 03-02-2014 ::


What if love was free
and tears no more
and fear died alone
and children laughed
knowing life was theirs
to live as they wished

It isn’t so strange
believing in love
if you choose to
it’s inside us all
waiting for you
we could love all

I say dream a day
in which this wish
can come true
it’s above us
and so below
dream a dream

life so wondrous
nothing to die for
and nothing debited
just souls giving
a brotherhood loved
and dreams our friend

:: 02-25-2014 ::


I plant my wish
within the soil
of my dreams
and dream I do
of golden light
to fall upon
the seed to grow
within the morrow
upon my wake
the wish-to-dream
becomes the truth
for all to know

:: 02-23-2014 ::