AND i imagine the never-understood
of all insanity; to paint your canvas
like a summer’s day with knowing how
the hills roll and the breeze chills
all of what you \understood / what
i heard you say ,’i suffered for life
and all sanity’ i listened like flaming sun in summer
days of reflection hue and if morning breaks
and amber gray beneath this artist’s hand
i shall still weep because i hear, perhaps i love
you like when on this imaginary day you took
me within your heart but a world as ours
fights how portraits hang in halls of ‘i cannot forget’
and how patrons come to weep
seeing the paintings we crushed
in paint and love: i now think
i know how you tried to say to me
that you suffered all for love
and life: the world never listens
and maybe never will and if you believe in me
and if your mortal soul shall teach me how to live
walking upon a path toward the pond of our love
it’s a day where the heaven cries and the angles
sing: ‘this is what we serve for! Love and how
humans become more than jesters for flesh and the
voice that speaks from another side’

:: 09-04-2015 ::

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